Friday, November 11, 2011

Supporting a friend

Joining run club has been a great experience!  If you are not a part of a run club and you have the chance I highly recommend it.  I am not a fast runner (11 min mile) so I was a bit nervous a year ago when I showed up to my first run club.  Since that first run I have gotten the chance to meet a bunch of people that I would not normally have had the chance to meet.  I have made some great friends at run club and really look forward to Tuesdays night run club. 

Last June Megan, Becky and I volunteered at the Northface Endurance race.  At the endurance race, Becky was paired up with a random guy from the Air Force that was there to volunteer too.  Whiticar seemed like a good guy and he tolerated our craziness.  We invited him to run club and lo and behold he showed up.  It has been a great time hanging out with Whiticar.  If it wasn't for run club and volunteering we would have never have met him. 

Well Whiticar is heading over to Iraq so we had to give him a little send off.  Some of us from Run Club decided to meet up in Old Town Alexandria and have some food and drink to say good bye to Whiticar.  We are also going to keep in touch for the year he is away and take flat Whiticar on runs and take him to run club so he will still be around in spirit!  Good Luck Whiticar!

Becky, Nestor and Megan
Enjoying some s'mores
Me, Glenn, and Megan
Whiticar and Nestor having some laughs
S'mores are better with friends.


Susan DeBruin said...

How did you find out about your running club? I can never find folks to run with me

Running Librarian said... and I might have googled running club and the city I lived in too. :) If you have a local running store you may want to ask them too. Sometimes they know of local running groups.