Friday, November 18, 2011

Round of Shots on me!!

Not sure if you want my round of shots..but if you do step on up and get your cortisone shot!!  Yep went to the podiatrist yesterday!  Why does a bit of panic set in when I see the Dr. reach for the needle.  Ugh..I hate needles and doctors to for that matter!  It was a very quick appointment.  I went in got some x-rays.  No heel spurs!  I got a cortisone shot, new inserts and an appointment to come back in 2 weeks all in less than 30 minutes!  The heel does feel better tonight.  I am still doing my stretching exercises and wearing the ever stylish boot at night!  All the cool kids wear a boot to bed!  Hopefully we caught this round of pf much earlier than the right foot's pf and it will be all cleared up in no time!  Fingers crossed!

Tomorrow I begin Amanda's Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge.  Which reminds me I need to go and get some fruit to try to get my 7 fruits and veggies!

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