Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wanting to be a Half Fanatic

So not much running lately means I can look up random running ideas online.  Megan and I have decided that we want to be a Half Fanatic.  We are going to go for 3 half marathons in 90 days.  We already have the RnR DC on March 17th and the Derby Mini at the end of April on the calendar.  All we need is one more half and we are golden!  I guess we will see if this helps my "I don't want to run after a half marathon" problem that I am having right now. 

Megan also found out that if you run 2 RnR races you get an extra medal.  I love medals!   We are both bling whores so this is very enticing to both of us.

I love bling so we are going to do this one too.  I was thinking of maybe doing the RnR Montreal.  We get extra bling, I have never visited Montreal, and I have never ran outside of the US.  So much to check off with one run :) And as another added bonus I could practice my high school french.  Well we haven't decided on anything yet.  We will see what fits with our schedule and what sounds good too. 


Briana said...

So I kind want to sign up for the RnR DC too! It's my spring break that week and I'm probably going to be in DC anyways..

And good for you for taking on such an awesome challenge!

Running Librarian said...

Briana should be a nice time of year for a run (as long as it doesn't rain)..Go ahead and sign up for the RnR DC! :)