Thursday, November 17, 2011


I went to run club on Tuesday night.  It was a beautiful night for a run!  I wasn't going to run.  I was going to rest my foot but how can you sit and watch other people run on what will probably be the last beautiful night to run.  So off I went.  I ran with my friend Glen.  We were almost at the end of the run..probably a 1/3 of a mile left when my ankle went crazy.  I am not sure if I ran half off of the asphalt or if I am just a klutz (I am leaning towards the klutz).  I tried to catch I am quite certain I looked very graceful.  I know I can't save myself so I try to aim for the grass.  Next thing you know I am lying flat on my back in the grass with the wind knocked out of me.  Glen is asking me if I am ok and his friend Gretchen who happened to be near us is convinced I am dying!  Am I ok?  Well it is hard to say I am fine when I am trying to get enough breath in my lungs.  So I am wheezing out yes.  Meanwhile a biker stopped by to see the sideshow.  Do I need Gretchen to run back and get someone to get a car to come get me?  Um NO~!!  Am I sure??  Yes I'm sure.  I already am embarrassed and you want me to lay her and wait for random people to scrape me off of the side of the trail??  I don't think so.  The bike guy is convinced that I am ok, so he pedals off.  Gretchen is still convinced that I require an ambulance or something.  Finally I convince Gretchen that I will live and I am starting to catch my breath.  She runs off and I get up..walk a bit to test the ankle.  Feels fine and then start back on the run.  When I get back Gretchen is very pleased that I am walking and breathing at the same time.  I want to crawl under a rock!  I get over to Becky and she asked what the hell happened to me.  Seems that I had a lovely bit of dirt and grass hanging from the side of my face.  Great..could it get any worse??  Thankfully the rest of runclub was uneventful. :)

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