Saturday, January 19, 2013

aches and pains..

Boot camp happened on Monday..I am finally able to walk and not feel my abs as I bend over.  I worked muscles that I just didn't know that I had!  I also found out that I hate planks..doesn't matter if I am planking to the side, with one arm or basic, I hate them!  All of my hate can only mean one thing..I guess I need to keep up with boot camp!  I will say it is always fun to work out with a group of friends, so that makes all of the sweating and aches worth it.  Hopefully it will pay off with my running too! Bonus!

Made it to run club on Tuesday!  It was  great running weather (except for the drizzly/sleet that was falling from the sky)  But really once you start running, it didn't bother me too much.   I wasn't sure how I was going to feel during the run, considering that my inner thighs wanted me to just stay on the couch and watch Young and the Restless all day (too bad I had work..sorry inner thighs..we have to make some money today.)  But just as I thought, the first few steps were a bit painful, but once the muscles warmed up I forgot all about my boot camp pains.  I also thought Becky would want to turn around at the 5K point (she wasn't looking forward to the drizzly run) but she didn't even mention it.  That could be that Jen joined up with us and we were just chatting it up.  Then coming back, our friend Ryan showed up and ran with Becky while Jen and I ran in front of them.  Ryan's legs are super long, I felt like he was pushing Jen and I during the last part of the run (which I guess is good, since I was wanting to walk or let him and Becky go around us) But I hung in there.

And look what was waiting for us at the end of the run:
 We brought some cupcakes for our friend KP's birthday.  Since the first time we met him was over someone else's birthday cupcakes..  Well the lesson we learned is that if you are bringing birthday cupcakes, you should make sure the person is coming.. oops.  Well we sent KP a picture (which didn't taste nearly as good as the cupcakes)  

Always nice hanging out at run club!  Chatting and enjoying some beer.  Smaller crowd this week because of the weather, but still great seeing everyone.

Now off to have a run up some hills..ugh...


Lauren said...

Those cupcakes look amazing! Dang! Great job on bootcamp!

Running Librarian said...

oh those cupcakes were soooo yummy..I had the strawberry one (not a huge fan of strawberry cake..but it was really really good!)

From Ice Cream to Marathon said...

Your bootcamp sounds awesome! I need to find a class like that. My bootcamp classes just aren't doing it for me!
Great job on the run too- especially in yucky weather!