Sunday, January 13, 2013

lookin' good!

I have this guy in the neighborhood who is really nice.  We talk every time we see each other while we are both out walking our dogs.  He knows I"m a huge Steeler fan and I know he is a huge Redskins fan.  We do not know each other's name...odd?  Who knows, but he is just a nice guy.  Our dogs do not like each other though.  Well I was taking Riley out before heading out the door to have dinner and drinks with my friend Stacy.  It was her birthday so I was thinking I will take the shorter loop and then Riley will have his walk for the night.  Well neighborguy was walking up the hill, so I decided since our two dogs do not get along and he was walking towards the shorter loop first, I would take Riley around the mile loop.  Your welcome Riley!  We started chatting about football and then I turned to complete the walk..neighborguy turns and says "Hey!  You've lost weight right?!  Lookin' good!"  Why thank you!  He just made my night!  And because of him I didn't drink my face off (not that I was planning to) and I told myself that I was going to go for a run in the morning.  Thanks neighborguy!
Good night hanging out and chatting with friends.  And I did wake up this morning and head out the door for a a t-shirt..and shorts..and it is January!  Yeah that shouldn't happen!  I like the warm weather..I like not being cold right now, but really it is January, it should be cold and there should be snow on the ground..or at least the threat of snow at some point.  If this keeps up I'm going to be hanging out in my bathing suit in February!

Tomorrow is Monday..Booo!!   I start boot-camp after school.  Wish me luck!


Lauren said...

Hey good luck with bootcamp, my neighbor is doing this "bootcamp every day for a month" thing (at least Monday- Friday) and I don't know how she does that, those classes make me hurt so bad.

Also, nice of neighborguy and proud of you for holding your own when you went out with friends! Social situations are so hard to stay conscious of health-goals. Good luck tomorrow!

Crystal said...

Don't comments like that make you feel all warm inside? Congrats!

From Ice Cream to Marathon said...

Neighbor guys sounds nice! We had a few days of warm weather too, it was awesome!! Good luck at boot camp! I took my first class last week, and loved it!!