Saturday, January 12, 2013

hills..what hills?

This week was just one of those weeks when I just didn't want to run.  I've been tired and just didn't feel like running.  I've been trying to watch what I have been eating, no soda this week (Yippy!?)  I just didn't feel like either heading to the gym or around the block to run.  Thanks to Becky she has been making me run this week when I just don't feel like it.  I made a running date with Becky this morning to get out and run.  She is training for her first ten miler and feels like she needs some motivation to get out and run..little does she know that she motivated me this week.  I made my running date with her for 9am.  Ah..I so wanted to stay in bed this morning and run in the afternoon...overcast, drizzle and low 40's..yeah perfect day to stay indoors.  But I did make the date, so I put the clothes on and headed out the door...oh on a side note I am .4lbs away from down ten pounds!!  Yeah that lifted my spirits a bit this morning (even after having some Haagan Daz ice cream last night..I just couldn't help myself after thinking about it for 2 hours)  So I headed out the door to meet Becky.  We were going to try the forest, which we both have never ran before, but it has been raining so I'm guessing that would be a muddy mess.  So we met at a local high school and explored some rather hilly neighborhoods.  It was a great feeling!  4 miles down thanks to Becky (and she wanted to do a little more than 2..ha!)

Becky and I have a date for some track work on Wednesday...and Monday is my first Bootcamp class me!!!


Lauren said...

Isn't it funny how sometimes the friends that are supposedly motivating are really motivating you?? I love how that works out. Good job on your weight loss!

Unknown said...

Pam, I completely get how you're feeling! Once I drive 51 miles home, pee, then change into running clothes, I've completely loss the motivation to run. Running has helped me loose weight. Sometimes that alone isn't a motivator. So, I look for motivators. Recently I read an article in the Running Times Magazine about a 75 y/o woman, Jeanne Daprano, who ran a 6:58:44 minute mile. Wow, I have never ran that fast! So I told myself, from now on, no excuses. She's 75 and can out run me on her slow run! Keep up the runs!

Running Librarian said...

Well she can def. out run me too! wow!

bethsheba said...

Good for you on your continuing weight loss it's so
easy to slack off this time of year when the weather
is so miserable. Keep up the good fight.