Friday, January 11, 2013

The night I didn't want to run...

Ever have those times when you just don't think you have the energy to run?  Well mine came on Tuesday night.  We were headed to run club  my favorite night of the week, I can't feel sluggish on a Tuesday!!  Well I felt like I just couldn't keep my eyes open .  I think it might have something to do with no snowdays in the forecast and the fact that I have given up soda.  Becky told me that we were running.  We could run the 5K..I was not up for that plan.  No..if we are running I'm running the 4 shortcuts!  I got there and Becky ended up running with KP and I was running with Glen.  Becky dropped off because it was just too fast of a start for she did some run/walking.  I kept up until the turn around and Glen ran with KP and I ended up running with Marie and Jen.  Turns out it was a great night for a run.  The weather was perfect!  I was debating on running in a short sleeved shirt but it looks like everyone else was dressed for snow.  Net time I don't care, I'm running in less.  I was wishing I would have left the top layer at the bar.

Thanks Becky for making me just suck it up and run.  Sometimes you just need a friend to kick you in the a$$!  I could have easily been talked into not running too. :)  Turns out that run gave me a second wind.   Sometimes it is just so easy to forget that you get a nice pick-me-up from running.

I wore my new toe socks..not sure how I feel about the socks yet..I'm still on the fence.  I think I may like the heavier weight toe socks rather than the thinner lightweight socks.  But I'm still willing to keep trying to see if I fall in love.

I had a nice little gift to myself waiting for me when I got home on Thursday night.

I was so excited to put it up on the wall!  Unfortunately I had to wait to have my drill charge up.  I can't wait to add some more medals to this great looking holder!  

See I do have more than three medals! lol

Do you hang up your medals?  
If so where do you hang them up? 
 I was debating on hanging my going up my steps but ended up hanging them in my spare bedroom.  


Erik said...

Hi Pam! Sometimes those runs you don't want to do turn out great (and unfortunately vice, versa...). I have a couple pairs of Injinji's and I do like them, but Swiftwick is at the top of my list now! I don't even notice them when I run.

I do hang my medals. I made my own medal hangar about a year or so ago. It's up in our bedroom. Above it I put a wall sticker that says 'Running'. I made it out of an old piece of wood and three drawer knobs then painted it read and wrote "Relentlessly I run" on it with a thick silver marker.

Unknown said...

Way to be, girl! You could have gotten out of it in the end, but you didn't, and look how well you rocked it :) I love that race medal holder!! It looks great on your wall, displaying all your pretty earnings!

Running Librarian said...

Erik that sounds like a great medal holder! I made my first one..then decided to splurge on the half fanatics holder..