Sunday, January 6, 2013

beautiful day for a run

Well I if my Resolution was to put off running for as long as possible I would be rockin' that resolution.  It is so hard to get on track with a running schedule once you take an entire month off.  And I know I shouldn't complain about the New Year Resolution people at the gym, but they do make it harder for me to head over to the gym.  I tried telling myself I would head to the gym around 7:30/8:00 at night to avoid the madhouse and actually get a machine, but by that time I was able to talk myself out of the gym.  This week will be better!

 Look what came in the mail on Thursday!  Yep I'm trying out some toe socks!  I tried them around the house (not sure if I'm going to like them yet).  Next run I will try them out with my running shoes.  I found a great groupon deal  for the sock and I've always wanted to try them so what the heck, I bought the groupon and they just came in the mail.  I'm hoping that the socks will cut down on the lovely blister I get at the end of my one toe.  The only way I will tell that is to run some long runs in these socks.  And since I took a month off, I'm guessing a long run is not happening this week.  :)

This morning I did some cleaning around the house mixed in with some food channel watching.. and kept telling myself that I need to run today...I need to run today.  Finally I just sucked it up and went upstairs and put some running clothes on and headed out the door.  I am so glad I did!  It is a beautiful day out.  The sun is real breeze..

I tried out my new running socks that Santa brought me (which is the reason that I didn't try the toe socks yet)  You can't get a nicer day to run in January!  Headed out the door and realized that I need to run a bit more regularly.  I guess that is what a training plan is for!  Did a few miles and then took the dog for a walk.
And notice I ran with a hat..I never run with a hat.  But since it was so sunny and I haven't showered I figured that the neighbors would like me to look a little presentable.  Your welcome neighborhood!

Hope everyone had a great weekend with some running thrown in!


Bill Fine said...

glad to hear you got out there....those Injinji's are COOL! Once you get over the strange feeling of each toe in it's own little sock, they work well!

From Ice Cream to Marathon said...

I love my Injinji's. The only thing they're not good for is running outside in the cold, my poor toes FROZE! But I do love how they each have their own little sock. And they're so cute!
Great job on getting out there, even though you didn't feel like it!!