Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Love is in the air

Love is a wonderful thing!  That first time you set eyes on the one you are hoping to fall in love with.  Then after you put them on your feet and take them for a test run your hoping that it will be love.  Finally after a few you can feel it....its love!

And they are pink!!  I decided I needed a new pair of shoes.  I decided to try out Brooks Pure Cadence. I was hoping that it would work out for me..the last time I went to a new shoe it was not turned out to be an abusive realationship (blisters) so they had to go back.   These girls though are so pretty and light and fun!  I know it is pretty early, but I think it might be love.  I know I said I love my Adrenalines, but I can't help it, these are so pink and they are so light!  Sorry Adrenalines, I still love you, but not as much as these pink girls.  

I took them for a run at my 100th run at run club on Tuesday!  The first time they hit pavement.  It felt like I was running on clouds!  I loved them.  

Speaking of run club...not sure if you caught the fact that this Tuesday was my 100th run!!  And it was a beautiful night to run my 100th run...mid to high 60's!  Hard to believe that last Tuesday I didn't run because it was in the single digits.  So I guess the weather was helping me celebrate my 100th run too!  On your 100th run you get a long sleeve tech shirt, but they didn't bring them last night, so maybe next week I will get my shirt.  I did get a lovely balloon and card from my friends.

You do make great friends while running!  


Amy @ Juice Boxes + Crayolas said...

LOVE my cadences! Just got a pink pair too, but am saving them for when one of my current pairs is retired. :)

Sarah said...

I LOVE my Brooks! I won't ever switch! And mine are pink too!


Scott said...

I also just picked up a pair of the pure cadence (not pink) and love the. I was a huge Newton fan but they seem to be causing me more harm than good lately.