Thursday, July 25, 2013

bike danger

So another beautiful night out.  I got in four miles this evening.  I was thinking that as runners we really need to be aware of our surroundings.  We have to know where the cars are when we are on the road.  We have to look out for potholes.
Nobody wants a twisted ankle.  

We have to look out for scary people.  
Nobody likes scary people.  
Unless you are a scary person, then you are probably ok with other scary people.  

Then there are the off leash dogs.  
Please..I love dogs, but I like them more when they are attached to a leash and an owner is nearby. Random dogs are a bit frightening.

Well as I was running today I realized there is a hidden danger that we as runners might not think of...the small cute four year old boy.  Yeah he looks harmless.  He may even look all cute and smiley, but we all need to watch out!  He is dangerous, especially when he is armed with a new two wheel bike!
These were not the actual boys..but I'm sure you can imagine the speed demons!
He likes speed!  He just may not have the best steering yet!  He also was living on the edge..yeah no helmet.  You know that is trouble if he is speeding along without a helmet!  As I was running I came across this scary cute boy on his little bike as he was riding straight for me.  He rode off the curb of the playground straight for me!  What did I do to this kid?  I didn't want to test out his steering abilities so I jumped out of the way and picked up my pace a bit.  Yeah, watch out for those little speedsters..they are out to get us runners!


Amy @ Juice Boxes + Crayolas said...

Funny that you posted this today, as this morning I was totally spaced out during a tough part of my run and almost ran straight into a biker on the trail! He probably thought I was crazy...

Jennifer K. said...

When I bike at the beach it's like a crazy video game. The path runs between the parking lot and the beach, so people are dragging chairs, coolers, yelling at each other about who needs to do what...and the kids...the kids! Sometimes the stress of dodging people overrides any stress relief from exercise!