Friday, July 19, 2013 you are such a liar!

I walked three miles today.  While on my last mile and a half with Riley I felt a lovely breeze.  I thought to myself, "Great!  I will drop him off and then run and that breeze will feel so nice!"  And that is exactly what I did.  I dropped Riley off and headed out the door.  I figured since it doesn't look like I will get my 11 mile run in tomorrow since I am headed to PA, I can at least see what I can do tonight.  I knew I didn't fuel properly for a really long run.  I don't think baked breaded mushrooms constitutes a great fuel plan.  The BBQ Chicken salad from Panera for lunch wasn't going to offer much either, but I figured anything is better than nothing.

I started off and quickly noticed that there is no freakin' breeze!  It sort of disappeared!  I think mother nature was screwing with me.  She just wanted to lure me out to run and then melt me!  Once again I am calling foul on and their feels like temp for my  town.  I know it was hot but I still do not think that at 8 at night the temp is 87 feels like want to say it is 95 and feels like over 100 I can believe that..but not what was giving me.

I headed around and got in 4 rough miles.  I was sweating like crazy.  I was slow as a turtle.  I actually think I remember a turtle passing me at one point.  Someone posted that they change their shirt mid way through their long run, I think that may have to happen.  I am thinking that I can add some miles to the beginning of my long run and then pass my car and pick up a new shirt at mile 5 or 6..better than nothing I guess.  Sopping wet tanks do not wick away sweat.

Tomorrow I am going to try and get up early to run some..but we will see how that works out..I am not stressing about it.  If it happens great, if I rollover and get some more sleep..then I need sleep.

Then after my run or snooze hitting fest I am off to PA to wish Becky a final goodbye.  She is headed to Columbia next week.  The nice thing is our friends Rachel and Mike are coming down from Ohio to wish Becky a bon voyage too.  I haven't seen them in years so it will be a nice reunion!  Should be a fun weekend for sure.


Jennifer K. said...

Summer weather has some definite challenges! Before you know it, we'll be complaining about the cold again.

Running Librarian said...

Jennifer, I know..I always like cold weather running better than summer running.