Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Humidity sucks

Last week was the start of marathon training (did I just admit that I am training for a marathon?! Yikes!)  It also was the beginning of a humid summer.  I now remember why I hate running in the summertime.  The heat and humidity make me feel like a brand new is so draining.  Combine the heat with the fact that it has been raining everyday for over a week..I am starting to feel like a drowned rat.  If I am not wet from the rain it is sweat..(Don't worry I will be complaining about the need for rain and the horrible sun and heat in a few weeks)

Last week it was so hot I ran through the woods at run club and then turned around and ran back because it was so hot and I wasn't doing the last half on the hot pavement.  The nice thing was when I was coming back I saw a deer just hanging out.  Who thinks of a deer a few miles from DC?  It was obviously a city deer because as I told a family very quietly about the deer (thinking that some city folk would love to see a deer)  the kids basically yelled, yep that's a deer.  The deer just looked up at them and was like "Hey".  She didn't flinch at all.  Oh city deer.

This weeks run club was much better.  Some drizzle and a little breeze made it pretty enjoyable..I was able to pretend that the sweat rolling down my back was rain.

What do you all do to combat the heat and humidity of summer?


Scott said...

Why would anyone run 26 miles voluntarily??

Running Librarian said...

A crazy person is my