Saturday, July 6, 2013

It's getting hot in here..

So the summer heat is here.  With it comes the fact that I will come up with any excuse not to run in it. :)  Today was supposed to be my long run..I'm going to try and squeeze it in this evening if the temps go down or it will be an early wake up call tomorrow morning.  I did have every intention of knocking out my 9 miles this morning (I know I've said that before), but I was up at 1:30 a.m. with horrible allergies so I took two Benadryl..ain't nobody got time for dat...

 So I knew that the odds of running this morning were slim to none.  Not sure what is setting off my allergies.  For the past two days I could scratch my eyes out they have been so itchy.  Tuesday is round two of allergy shots so hopefully my horrible allergies will start to leave.

Since I didn't head out to run, I took the dogs out for a walk this morning.  I am dog sitting for a cute golden retriever puppy named Harley.
 She is only 12 weeks old.  She is very sweet (except for the razor teeth that she uses to attack anything that moves)  Harley does not like to walk and she doesn't like the heat either (can I blame her?)  So a 10 minute walk turns out to take 30 minutes because she decides to lay down every 10 feet.  So after I took Riley on a mile walk and then I walked another mile.  Hey if I am not running I at least got in a few walking miles this morning.  Next up the pool.

Anyone else have trouble getting out there and completing their long runs during the summer months?

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Jennifer K. said...

Oh! The allergies! It's a daily question as to whether I can wear contacts because my eyes are sticky and itchy every freakin' day lately! I feel your pain.

That puppy is adorable!