Monday, July 1, 2013

Good Luck Becky!

So Becky is heading off to teach in Columbia (the country, not Columbia, Maryland)..She has sort of been crashing at my place for the last month.  By sort of I mean she has been storing her stuff here since her lease ran out and then suddenly has been dog sitting for everyone under the sun.  :)  So she has been in an out for the last few weeks.

Well  its here.. Becky's last week in VA.  So sad to have a friend leave but happy for her and her new adventure.  Last week was a busy week of let's say goodbye to Becky.  It was fun, but I think I gained five pounds with all of the beer and food that it took to say goodbye.  Who knew that you had to eat and drink so much to say good bye to someone.

First we had the last runclub..(it sounds like the end end..but she will be back)
 We've had a lot of cupcakes at run to say see you later and good luck we had cake!  Let there be cake!

 And she earned her 100th run shirt on her last night of run club!  Go Becky!

We all have a bit of the devil in our eyes to see Becky off.

After the last run club you have to have a run club goodbye outing :)  Lots of people showed up and Becky was so excited to see everyone.  Love the support from all the runners we have met on Tuesdays.

The margarita stare off...

Then it was the work send this time I was tired from the week of saying good bye to Becky and getting stuck on 95 South for an I was a bit late to the party.

It was a great turn out to wish Becky good luck on her adventure.

Going to miss seeing her daily.  School and run club just won't be the same!  Don't worry Becky I will be down to visit and see Columbia :)  You will have lots of fun and meet so many new people!  Enjoy your new adventure!


Scott said...

The first rule of Run Club...You do not talk about Run Club. Lol..I crack myself up. The second rule have to do with baked goods. ;)

Running Librarian said...

YOu are so right Scott lol