Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

So I guess I have some stuff to do this weekend.  Last night Becky and I went out with Megan for her birthday.

Happy Early Birthday Megan...oh wait I have another birthday celebration coming up for Megan..her birthday half marathon on Sunday. 

Last night I came home and went to sleep.  Then when I woke up I did something to  neck/middle of my back while sleeping.  I am hoping the motrin I am taking today along with hope will end the kink in between my shoulders.  It is just very odd..or maybe this is a sign not to run the half on Sunday. lol  Or it is a sign not to fall asleep on the couch...hmmm so many signs so little time to figure out what they mean.

So today is shopping (I bet it will be a mad house with the holiday picnic time approaching) :(  And I have to start thinking about my New Kids on the Block Shirt that I need to make before the show on Friday night.  I am heading to the concert with Becca a.k.a. Grab.  We love boy bands!  New Kids were the first concert I went to without my mom.  Ah the memories.  And we usually make some homemade shirt to go to the event.  Sometimes we like to use some puffy paint to make it truly old school.

The back of my shirt. 

Classic use of the hair tie. 

Ah the boys...soon we will be together...
I think I might head out and run a few miles to try and get used to the heat that will be assaulting me during the half tomorrow.  Really it is the end of May..there should not be this much humidity and heat.  I have the water bottle beside me trying to stay water logged before tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the half.  Megan wanted to do her first half before her birthday so Sean and I will join her running three loops around a park.  A few good things have come out of this half marathon.  Becky is coming down to cheer us on (she better bring a sign since she left my signs that the kids made at school) :) When she is cheering us on, if she heads down to the park she will not have to go anywhere to see us 3 times during our loop around and around the park. :)  And finally, according to the map it is flat and some of it is in the shade.  Yeah for flat running!

Monday I am going to throw some dogs on the grill and Becky is going to come on over.  It is supposed to be a hot sweaty mess of a day but that will be fine.  We can melt in the back yard some...shoot that means I might want to mow at some point..grrr...

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