Sunday, May 22, 2011

one week till death

Well I survived the end of the world, but now I have to worry about the half coming up next week.  I have ran one mile longer than I did for my previous half, so I guess that is a positive.  I just have not felt like running.  I really haven't felt like doing much of anything.  I really wanted to just stay in the house and be a hermit.  Now that I think of it, it has been very rainy this spring so maybe that had something to do with my desire to be a hermit.  I never do well in the winter when the sun doesn't come out much, so I am guessing that the rain and lack of sun might have contributed to my  lack of motivation.

Well today I am going to attempt to run 10 miles before the half next week.  It should be fun! Well as fun as 10 miles can get.  Unfortunately I normally have a bagel pre-run, and I am out so I made some oatmeal.  I hope that works out ok for me...yikes.  I think I will just keep telling myself that if I finish I will get some soft serve ice cream afterwards :)  Although who am I kidding, I going for ice cream either way lol.  I have to do something to try and stay cool on a warm day :)

Well I am going to lace up the shoes and off I go!


Terzah said...

How did it go? :^) I had a non-fun 10 yesterday(at least from a running POV--from a social POV it was good).

Lindsay said...

hope you earned and enjoyed the ice cream! :)