Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday plans

So this morning I am helping my friend Becky move.  It is a beautiful rainy day to help a friend move.  I am hoping that she has a canoe all tethered out front :)  I am thinking I will count lifting boxes as my lifting for today. 

Then after the move I need to run 8 to 10 miles.  If it didn't take me so damn long to run 10 miles I would probably look forward to it, but as it takes me 2 hours it is not on my list of fun today.  Then at some point I have to clean and then put together some food for my pampered chef tomorrow.  Although I guess it doesn't have to be that much food, b/c I don't think too many people are coming.  I guess that makes it easier for me lol. 


Crystal said...

moving boxes definitely counts! :)

Robin said...

Did you get your run in?

Running Librarian said...

nope..I ended up staying longer to help with the move and after just didn't feel the need to run.