Sunday, May 15, 2011

Race Schedule

So here are some races that I have coming up.  I have my third half marathon at the end of the month in Alexandria, VA.  Hard to believe that I have ran 3 half's this year.  I am already looking into some for next year.  There is one in West Virginia that is ran in Jan during the middle of the day (so hopefully the sun warms things up for the run).  This race only costs 20 dollars and would help me cross off another state to run in.  I also was looking at running a race in Kentucky..I think it is the derby half marathon...we will see about these two.  Last night I signed up for the Army 10 miler.  It sounds like it is going to be a really nice race.  I hear that it is very inspiring, especially running with amputees.  I also read that there are bands and music every two miles.  Its like a Rock N' Roll race in camouflage. 

I am also going to run a local 5k for Hep C.  I ran my first Hep C run last year and what can I say I am hooked.  I also loved the fact that they had mucho door prizes to give out!  And a band.  I think it is the Sock Monkeys.  You have to love the Sock Monkeys! 


Crystal said...

my hubby ran the derby half this year and loved it!!! they changed the course this year to make it flatter! You run in the infield of Churchhill Downs and downtown Louisville. He said it was very scenic!

KT80 said...

That sounds like a lot of fun, and something that would definitely keep you pushing yourself throughout the course.