Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sugar its whats for dinner!

So my eating habits have been horrible!  I am like a sugar monster!  I had a pampered chef party and had a leftover turtle cake that was made in one of the pans.  So I have been eating that with some butter pecan ice cream all week.  I have been drinking coke like it is my job.  (For those of you that do not know I do not work in a coke factory so it really isn't my job..I work in a library and no coke drinking is required).  Because I have been eating crap I have been feeling all sluggish and crappy.  I know it is because of my food choices, but really that coke and cake and ice cream has really been tasting good :) 

I crapped out of the 5k run at run club yesterday.  It really did look like it might storm (it was storming off and on all day long).  So Megan and I stayed behind and waited for everyone while enjoying a beer. 

Tonight I almost didn't go running at the gym b/c of a storm rolling through.  I have a fear of running the mill while their is lightening outside.  First I have a fear of being struck while running in front of the huge bank of windows.  And then I fear that the power will go off mid run and I will end up killing myself on the treadmill b/c of the sudden stopping.  I know that sounds odd, but it is my fear not yours :)  I did end up running, but I only ran 3 1/2 miles.  Tomorrow I have a 5 miles planned with Kristen after school.  And that means that Friday becomes a long run day.  If I can fit in two long runs in the next week before the half the following week I should be good.  We will see how that ends up though.


Robin said...

Yum, I am a sugar addict as well. I find that, if I can just cut back on it for a few days, I crave it less and less. It seems like the more sugar I eat, the more I want it.

Lindsay said...

LOL i have actually had a TM stop on me all of a sudden so that is a very valid fear. luckily i did not injure myself!