Friday, May 6, 2011

I thought I was faster...

So in my mind I used to be fast..well not fast fast, but pretty fast for me.  Then I visited  Athlinks gathers up all of your race info that is posted online.  So I registered for free last night and started to gather some of my races.  My first race was in 2008.  I thought I ran a 10 min. mile..turns out is was 10 but the ten was followed by a  26 (not bad for the first race).  I was also doing some crazy workout competition and was working out for hours a day so I was really in shape. Then the competition ended and so did my 10 minute miles.   Then in my mind I stayed at that 10 min something pace..turns out I must have been dreaming..I am really more of a 12 min mile runner.  WHAT?!?  I know it shocked me too!  Well at least I haven't lost a lot of my run time.  I am much slower at longer distances, but it is not as bad as I had previously thought.  I am not that far off of my average.  I am not sure if that is good or bad. lol.   Ok my goal is to get back down in the 10's. 

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