Thursday, July 28, 2011

Do we really need arms?

So I decided to go to the gym to run my 3 miles today.  I figured I haven't been there in the past month or more, so I might as well get some of my money's worth out of the place.  It was a bit warm and humid outside, so I think it was a pretty good decision. 

I put on my new running shirt and headed into the gym.  Amazing, they didn't move the place and all the equipment was in the same spot as the last time I was there...  Well I hopped on the good ol' mill and off I went.  I was a pretty good run when all of a sudden a girl hopped on next to me.  Normally this wouldn't be news but was very distracting.  She ran with her arms straight down at her sides!  I couldn't help it, I kept stealing a glance at her running.  Now I am not a running pro (far from it) but don't most runners run with their arms at a 90ish degree angle.  I have seen this arms down approach before and it really baffles me.  I mean what happens if you fall?  Will your arms respond fast enough to catch you?  Or do you just end up falling on your face?  Doesn't it take more energy to keep your arms by your side than to have them at an angle by your body?  It just seems so crazy to me.  I mean, I don't run like Phoebe or anything. 

 But I definitely do not run with my arms straight down at my side either. 

Well the girl seemed to be running fine,  I don't know why I find it so fascinating, but I do.  So a quick 3 miles later she was done and I was done.  I then moved on to the bike and thankfully everyone had bent arms at the bike. 

Bra update:

Well Title Nine, I am done.  I called them today to inform them that yet again I have not received the bra.  To which they told me the last day it was scanned.  Yeah I can figure that out from the website.  Then I proceed to tell her that it seems that it hasn't moved from Maryland since the 14th.  To which the lovely lady told me I was wrong and it will probably get there.  Well I guess they should change it on the tracking site b/c it only says Maryland on the 14th and the 24th.  That seems to me like it hasn't moved.    She then was going to send a replacement but they are out of stock of my size and color.  Which irritated me b/c I would like a new bra before school starts in September.  Really does it need to be this hard??  I told her I was done and to credit my card. She said no problem but to give them a call if the package shows up, b/c then if is shows up at my house they will charge my card.  Ugh!!!  It is a freakin' bra!  How difficult can it be to mail it??  Or to figure out it must be lost??

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ren powell said...

How funny. I consciously keep my arms at a wider than 90 degree angle - that is, barely bent. I read that it means that there is less unnecessary tension in the body. For me, it is true. When I start hurting, I do a head to toe check and often my arms are too tense. I relax my elbows and things loosen up... but - hey - for all I know, I look like Phoebe out there.