Wednesday, July 27, 2011

running two days in row?! Say it ain't so!

So we didn't really close the bar down last night, but we were one of the last runners to leave, so that is sort of like closing the place down, right?! 

This morning I got up and looked at the training schedule.  I know so odd for me to check a schedule.  Looks like an easy 2 miles for the first week.  So I got dressed and put on the new garmin that I won from Mike over at 26.2 Is My Cooldown.  The garmin came in the mail this weekend and I was so excited to run with it, then I had a horrible head cold and no running.  Ugh...  So this morning was the first run with the garmin.  I was so excited I headed out the door with no ipod.  Oh well it is only a 2 mile run, I don't need music for that.  I love the garmin.  I am still trying to figure out how to use it, but I can see it may just motivate me to run a bit faster (or a more consistent pace).  Thanks Mike! 

I finished my 2 miles dripping with sweat.  I think I am going to have to find a new place to run, because I don't know how many more laps I can do in the neighborhood.  On Friday I am going to do my long run of 4 miles at Burke Lake.  It is a nice loop around a lake and the entire loop is 4 miles and most of it is shaded by trees.  Fingers crossed that it doesn't rain between now and Friday.  If it rains I have to find a new place b/c the rain makes the paths a muddy mess.  I think the new running routes will help me to not get so bored with running and training.

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