Friday, July 15, 2011

Random facts Friday

I am a bit sad that I did not get in a run was beautiful out.  Instead I am inside nursing a lovely allergy pink eye..Hopefully tomorrow it will all be gone thanks to a lot of hot compresses, eye drops and allergy meds.  So since I have no running news to report, I am going to post some random facts about me.

1.  I just got an iphone..before the phone I could just talk and text...I am now addicted to my iphone and may have to seek therapy. 

2.  My sliding glass door would not lock and I never put a stick in it to keep out burglars for the first 5 years that I lived in my house.  I trusted nobody would break in.

3.  I hate driving, but love visiting people.  So I suck it up and drive to visit.

4.  I could eat pizza everyday of my life.

5.  I'm a librarian, but I can never return my books to the public library on time.

6.  I hate most vegetables, but wish I liked them. 

7.  Sometimes I get panic attacks while driving.

8.  I don't like coffee, to wake up I take a shower.

9.  I wish I were handy around the house, I am not.

10.  I love boybands who are no longer boys..oh if only n'sync would get back together my life would be complete.

11.  I overuse :)

12.  I think I am allergic to my dog.


bobbie said...

I agree with # 4 and 6. I LOVE pizza and so badly wish I liked more veggies! Oh I also over use :)

Crystal said...

this summer we printed out a list of college staff with overdue books. over half of them were people on the library staff!! too funny! wonder why we can't get them back in time!