Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Week one of Half marathon training begins

So this is the first week of training for the Hershey half.  I will do better this time around than last time.  I will not take a DNF!  I will try to follow the plan and not skip the long run  :)  I am hoping the run will be the perfect run, at the perfect time of year in PA and flat.  I would like to run it under my 3 hour time that I have ran my previous Halves.  I have to get through some horrible summer running, but I did it last year and survived so I am sure I can do it again.  October 16th will be here before I know it. 

Well week one is starting off great. I am just getting over a head cold and today is the first day I can actually breathe.  So running tonight should be great.  Well at least I plan on running, and it is not as humid as it has been.  Tonight we are planning on closing down the bar at run club since all the teachers are officially on summer vacation (which means summer school is over).  We will see if that happens.  We may end up wanting to go home early, who knows, but we can if we wanted to close it down and that is the main point lol. 

On the Bra note, still no bra in sight.  Title Nine told me to wait til Friday to see if it has come.  They also recognized that it has take a bit longer than usual.  Really?  You think so?  They mailed it on the 8th and according to the tracking number it has been sitting in Columbia Maryland since the 14th.  I could drive there and get the bra before this.  So I guess I will wait til Friday and then if it doesn't come I will give them a call.  Ugh...I just wanted a pretty pink new sports bra, is that too much to ask??


Terzah said...

Good luck with the training! Keep your eye on the prize through the summer heat (the prize being your sub-3 race in perfect fall weather).

Susan said...

Good luck training!!! And keep us updated on the bra.