Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I heart winning!

So I am reading some blogs today and lo and behold I won a garmin!  I am so excited!  A big thanks to Mike at 26.2 is my cooldown :)  And just in time for my half marathon training. :) 

I think I am starting to come out of my running funk..finally :)  I have ran a few times this week and felt pretty good even though it is hot as H. E. double hockey sticks out.  Yesterday was run club.  We were in code orange and a heat advisory, so I wasn't really pumped to go to run club, but once I got there it was fine. It wasn't that bad of a run.  We did change the course a bit and stayed in the wooded area to run so I am sure that helped out.  Turns out when I came back from my run (one of the last ones, we are a bit slower than most) I just missed Byron Leftwich, the backup Steelers quarterback!  Man if only I ran faster! 

Turns out he is originally from the DC area.  So now I am hoping, since there is no NFL right now, that maybe he will be back next week.  Who knows maybe he thought the run club looked like fun and will want to run with us next week.  One can only hope right? :)  


Terzah said...

Congrats on the Garmin! You will LOVE it. And I'm glad I don't have to run in that heat. :^)

Pahla said...

Wow, lucky duck!!! (Not for the heat, of course, but the Garmin.)

Lindsay said...

Sweet! Congrats on the fantastic win of a garmin!!! Lucky :)

Crystal said...

that's awesome!!! congrats!!!