Monday, July 18, 2011

puppy sitting = no running this weekend

My parents came down on Saturday on their way to the beach.  They brought little Charlie with them to stay the week. 

I think Riley is excited.  Although right now he is very very tired.  He is used to napping more than he has been lately.  Since Riley and Charlie think I am cool they let me hang out with them.  Which means that I got to take them on lots of walks trying to wear out little Charlie so he would go easy on Riley.  It might have worked, but poor Riley is also really tired. 

Its hard being old and having a puppy around.

So not much in the way of running this weekend.  I did finally write down my training plans for the Hershey Half Marathon on the calendar.  So I guess that is something running related.  I am hoping to get in a run tonight and then I have running club on Tuesday.

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