Saturday, October 19, 2013

Army ten miler expo

Well I got up early and headed out to get my oil changed this morning. Check off one thing that I have needed to do for awhile. I also head up to the DC Armory for packet pick up for the Army Ten Miler. Lots of people had the same idea as I had...get there when they open.
It wasn't too bad. I jumped into a middle line which nobody really was using and viola!  I was in. I had one purchase in mind at the expo... A spibelt for Marine Corps.  I know don't try anything new on race day.  I want to carry my cell with me for the race and I don't want to carry anything in my hands.  So I will test it out on the ten miler tomorrow.  

Tomorrow's weather should be perfect running weather. This makes me really happy after last weekend. :).

Not much else on the books today. I had some yummy gnocchi for lunch and some steak for dinner..then get my stuff ready for my favorite ten miler. 


Kim said...

So exciting that you have one of your favorite races tomorrow and then you are really close to the big day! It's going to be awesome!!

Elise @ said...

Good luck with all these races!