Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Gym Membership

I was debating my gym membership.  I haven't been to the gym for months but I continue to pay them every month.  Why?  Why am I wasting my money for something that I do not really use.  I guess because if I want to use it I can.  I do tend to use it more in the winter for running and working out.  That was the main issue that I had when I was going back and forth on do I ditch the membership or not.  I do not enjoy running in snow and I don't run outside when there is ice out there..so I decided I guess I will keep the gym membership and see what happens who knows, maybe this spring I will save some money and stop paying the gym for nothing.

I did go to the gym twice this week.  So I hope the trend continues.  As I have already said, September is a hard workout month.  Since we are mid October I am going to start to be a bit more regular with my workouts.  I think adding the gym to my non-running days will be very good for me.  If nothing else I can hop on the bike and get some reading in while burning some extra calories.  I am currently up a few pounds with marathon training which I hear is not really odd.  I was hoping to go the other way.  I still am blaming September for those few pounds.  Stupid back to school time making me tired and lazy.

I have run club tonight and then some running this week and the Army 10 miler this weekend.  I have not started to stalk the weather yet.  I am just hoping it is better than last weekends half marathon.  It looks like Marine Corps Marathon is sneaking up on me pretty quickly too...Yikes!  Well I am either going to finish or not going to finish.  I will start to think about that next week..this week is my favorite 10 mile race..Army 10 Miler!


Kim said...

I bet you will enjoy the gym more in another month or so.
And - I know you are going to finish your marathon!!! I have confidence in your training.

Scott said...

What's worse is that I have two gym memberships that both go unused. But if I let them lapse I won't get the great renewal prices..lol. I guess I need to start using them again.

Jennifer K. said...

I've cancelled and rejoined gyms so many times over the years. All I succeeded in was getting progressively higher monthly dues. There's no way to win. In winter or rainy months it is nice to have the treadmill available. Also, if your gym offers any type of spin or yoga or group workout classes, sometimes they're a fun alternative to your regular routine.

steena said...

In the summer I don't use my gym membership very much, but will try and make a strength-training day at the gym. For me it's like going to the library to study, I'll get more done there. Gym memberships are nice to have, it's always good to shake up your routine too.