Saturday, October 26, 2013

Twas the night before MCM...

So today I ran over to the MCM first thing in the morning to avoid lines.  Ok, I didn't really run..I drove, but you get the picture.  Megan came with me to shop since she had already picked up her bib earlier in the week.

When we got there we were a bit early.  No problem lets hang out in line with the other runners.  When we got in I headed over to get me bib.  I was so excited to have my MCM bib that I guess I wasn't listening to the volunteer.  I was paying attention to Megan as she took my picture.  The volunteer was not as excited about my MCM bib as I was...oh well.  

Then we headed over to Fisher House to pick up some swag.  I also had to exchange my I wish I didn't have boobs some days.  

We headed into the expo and found some motivational signs.  Lets hope they come true for me :)  

Here are some of my stuff from the expo.  I got a lovely berry wind jacket and a short sleeved oorah shirt.  I better finish this full or I will not be able to wear my new stuff.  Or worse, I guess I would have to try again next year so I can wear my stuff.  I also got the lovely hot as hell tech mock (which is what they give you as your shirt)..which will probably never see the light of day unless I get stuck in a serious blizzard and lose heat because of the power outage across the region.

We finished our shopping and headed back to the car.  The line for picking up your bib wrapped around the block.  So glad we got there as soon as they opened.  No bad lines for us!  I dropped Megan off at her car and headed towards home.  I was planning on heading to target and the thrift store to pick up something to wear before the race that I could throw away.  A half mile before my exit to head home and 95 is stopped.  Next up a Firetruck and police car come flying up the side of the road.  I can see the lights as they stop in front of us.  Great.  Hope we don't have to wait too long and they let us go by on one side of the road.  Well it wasn't long before I realized we were not going anywhere.  When truck drivers are getting out of their trucks on 95 you know that is not a good sign.  People were making friends along the roadside too.

I saw one woman who was very good at multitasking.  She had some Windex and paper towels and cleaned her windows as she waited.  I wanted to run back and ask her if I could borrow some towels and her Windex.  Luckily I had a book with me so I got some reading done.  Over 1 and 1/2 hours later we were able to start to move.  A tractor trailer knocked down some overhead power lines.  Ugh..  Well that was a great use of my day.  I ended up heading to Panera to get some lunch and then complete my errands.

I have my bag packed, my clothes laid out, my shirt has my name on the front to encourage cheers to help me keep going (I hope the M stays is a bit iffy..I guess I will get cheers for Pam or PA)..I'm now just relaxing and getting nervous..

Next up MCM..


Jennifer K. said...

I'll bet they have some pretty cool stuff at the MCM expo!
An hour and a half? I'd be having to pee at some point there!
Good luck tomorrow!

Kim said...

I'm so excited for you!!
I love that picture of you with your bib - who cares if the lady in the background isn't excited - she didn't spend the past few months training!!!
Bummer to the stand still on the interstate - glad it was after you had been to the expo and not before!

Running Librarian said...

Jennifer, funny you should mention that..when I read online that it could be closed for close to 2 hours I was thinking I know I will have to pee before the additional two hours are up.. lol