Saturday, October 5, 2013

Some days you just have to listen to your body...and sleep

Today was supposed to be my 20 mile run..which I have been dreading all week long.  Well the 20 miler didn't happen this morning.  I pushed it off until tomorrow morning.  I didn't think it would go very well today because I just was so tired yesterday and didn't have the dinner that I wanted to have before my last long run before the marathon.  I ended up sleeping in late too so I think it was a good choice to run on Sunday.  So rather than hate life I will complete my long run tomorrow morning.

This morning I have been super productive. I took Riley on a long walk.  Thinking I will take him on another longer walk in a few before it gets really warm today.  I am now cleaning my house (well not really cleaning my house right now since I am on the computer)  With school starting and running I just haven't been keeping up with things around the house like I would like to. I have a mowed yard and the vacuum still gets run..but the place just needs a really good cleaning. :)  Looks like today is the day for it!  I would also like to do some yard work this evening but we will see if that happens.  What I really need is a maid..anyone want to apply??  I can't really pay you so the pay would be the knowledge that my house is clean and you did it :)

After this week I have three more weeks until my first full marathon!  Yikes!  I will say that I don't think I will be running another anytime soon.  It just takes too much time out of my schedule to train.  The night before a long run I have to make sure I am in bed early and have eaten something that will work on a long run. It is just a lot of running.  I much prefer a half marathon.  Training for a half marathon does not take over your life which I sort of like. :)

Yesterday I was looking at some shoes and found my Pure Cadence pretty cheap at  70 dollars.  Its like Christmas in October!  I love getting a shoe deal!


Jennifer K. said...

I hear you on the investment of time when it comes to training for a full. I really love the accomplishment, but it's quite a road to get there! I also skipped my run today. We've got 30-40 mph winds whipping through here, so I'm laying low. Sometimes rest is the best thing. You'll have a better 20 miler if you're rested than if you push through it on willpower alone.

Kim said...

Sounds like you made a great choice to push the 20 mile run to tomorrow!!! You will do great on the 20 and it will fuel your confidence going into the marathon!! Enjoy your weekend!