Friday, March 22, 2013

5 things Friday


2.  New running capri's...can't wait to run in them.  There is just something about new workout clothes!  

3.  I guess there was a fire ball in the sky and I missed it..
I guess I was partying it up too much on my first night of spring break..that's right I was watching How I Met Your Mother and missed the fireball that touched down on the Maryland/Delaware border..oh well..goodness gracious great balls of fire!

4.  I caved and purchased the download for my RnR USA pics..They so overcharge for their pictures.  I don't normally purchase marathonfoto pictures, but I didn't look like I was hating life too much in the I caved.

Looking towards the finishline
Megan and I waiting to start the race

5.  Winter weather..we are supposed to get some snow on Monday.  I was hoping to play in my garden and try to clean up my backyard..why are we getting more cold weather?  It is supposed to start to warm up!

Aiming for some running tomorrow morning..  Hope everyone had a wonderful running weekend!



Kim said...

I hope you get some nice weather during your spring break. Ours is ending and it has been cold and snowy.

Running Librarian said...

Kim doesn't look like was nice..snow/rain on Monday..grrr