Sunday, March 3, 2013

lessons from a 6 mile run

Well this weekend was a very low key type of weekend.  I made it to the gym and I got in a run.  Can't complain about that!  Saturday I headed to get a facial.  I haven't had one since last spring so I knew it was going to be expensive because I have no more product left.  So Merry Christmas to me!  She did yell at me (ok she didn't raise her voice, but I could tell she wanted to yell) for not wearing sunscreen when I run.  I have not found anything that doesn't run into my eyes.  The last thing I want is burning and stinging in my eyes as I run from product..I have enough issue with the sweat in my eyes.  Anyone else have this problem and thus stay away from sunscreen while running?  I will apply when I am just out and about but nothing is on my face when I run.  I do wear a visor or hat to help keep the sun off of my face (better than nothing, right?)  Afterwards, it was  perfect day to just lounge around and read and watch some TV.  After the crappy week, this was perfect.

On Sunday I wanted to head out the door for a 9/10 mile run..I waited for late morning because it was cold and windy.  I thought I could out wait the temp and wind.  Really it was the wind that I was hiding from.  The  upper 30's I could deal with.  Well they say that you learn something every time you was one of those days. Last night I didn't really have dinner..I just picked on random snacks since I wasn't really hungry.  Well this would turn out to be a huge fail on Sunday's run .  I started out and immediately hated life.  The wind was just pushing against me.  Ugh..I hate wind!  Then as I kept going I just felt like the wind was stealing my breath away.  My chest was hating the cold too.  I felt like I was wheezing while I ran.  Turned out that I did manage to squeeze out 6 hated miles.  I guess the lack of food from the night before didn't help my energy levels while I was running against the wind.  Next time I will make sure that I have something good for a run the night before.

I did come home and have some yummy lunch..I made some chili since it is supposed to be a bit of a cold spell this week.  I don't think I have made chili at all this year, so sounded perfect to me this week. I came in to the yummy smell of chili in the crockpot.  I headed up and took a quick shower to help warm me up and settled down to some very yummy chili.  Perfect food after a windy run.

I'm not a huge chili fan, but this just hit the spot today..


Jennifer K. said...

Have you tried BullFrog sunscreen? The lotion, not the spray kind. It's not always easy to find, but it's waterproof and I've found it stays on. I don't put it on my forehead because I usually wear a cap running, so running into my eyes usually isn't a problem. Just remember not to touch your face and then rub your eyes!

Caroline Thomas said...

Thanks for stopping by today, I sympathize with you its not as fun running in the cold wind by you did a great 6 miles!

TR said...

I can NOT handle wind running!!! I'm glad you got in 6 miles, that's more than i'd ever do in those conditions!

Also, i never even thought to use sunscreen when running silly of me! Never once did I think to do that in the summer!

Sarah said...

Chili makes everything better! I notice that when I don't fuel correctly the night before- specifically at dinner time- I pay BIG TIME the next day. Lessons learned, right?