Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dear Little Piggie..I'm sorry

This just in...I ran twice this week!  Yep I'm a rock star.  I ran on Tuesday at run club (after Saturday's half marathon) and I ran yesterday at the gym.  I'm calling it a successful week!  16 more days until Cherry Blossom Ten Miler!  I should be ready..hopefully it will be rain free and warmer than the lower 30's that it was this morning.  Its starting to feel like winter around here instead of spring.

Dear Piggies I am sorry that you had to take one for the team..I'm sure that your blue-ish purple-ish  color on the second smaller toenail is cool and envied by all of my other toes.  All I know is that the toes that normally get blisters or the lovely purple bruise are all fine..I know little piggie, you have never changed colors before..but it will be fine.

Hope you have been a rock star this week and have gotten out there and ran some!


Anonymous said...

Good luck you the Ten Miler!

From Ice Cream to Marathon said...

Great job on getting 2 runs in! That is the cutest pic ever!

Karen Seal said...

Congrats on getting two runs in! Good luck at the 10 miler and I hope it doesn't rain! :0)