Thursday, March 7, 2013

looking back on my running

I know it sounds like a New Year's post..but sometimes you just realize how far you have come from that first time you started running.  Today was yet another snow day!  Yippy!!  Today I realized I needed to get out and run.  If I sat anymore on my couch I think my a$$ would turn into a couch.  I decided to explore a new neighborhood.  I knew what would happen if I went in my hood (a one mile circle) I would be able to stop and head back to my couch at some point after each mile..not what I needed to happen.  So I headed to a new neighborhood hoping that it wasn't super hilly.  Turned out it wasn't bad..some hills..ended up running 7 miles.  Very nice day for a run..50 degrees outside...the only down side was some puddles from all of the snow melting.

Look! I do not look really miserable after my 7 miles!

After my run I got to thinking how far I have come with running...lets take a little walk down memory lane...

I remember last week at the beginning of my running journey hating to run 3 miles.  How was I going to run longer distances?  Ok I am sure I didn't really think of running longer distances, just not really enjoying running on my own.  I have always loved running on race day though.

Then I was talked into running my first Cherry Blossom 10 miler!  The first time I ran the Cherry Blossom I didn't train properly.  I had ran 4 miles before running 10 (smart I know!)  Ugh!  After the race I didn't know if I wanted a throw up to sit down or needed to walk..I was so disoriented!
The back of this shirt says it all..  I'm only doing this to post the pictures on Facebook!  

I remember feeling horrible after this race.  Running 10 miles after running your longest of 4 miles is not the smartest thing to do.  I wasn't sure what my knee would be able to do..but I hope it would allow me to run 10 miles.  I didn't know about gu chomps yet..or wicking fabric.  That lovely cotton shirt that we made weighed a ton after soaking up all of my sweat.  Ugh..never again!  

After that first 10 miler I started running more races.  I loved race day!  I still love race day.  Most of my races were 5k with a few 10K's thrown in. Since then I learned that you do have to run longer than 4 does make a difference which shoe you run in.  Wicking fabrics are my friend!  I also slowly started to read more about running and runner's blogs. Somewhere along the way I purchased my first subscription to Runner's World. I love when that magazine shows up at my door!  

don't I look happy in this Cherry Blossom picture?  Much better the second year!
My second Cherry Blossom was not nearly as bad as the first.  I actually ran more than 4 miles and discovered that gu chomps work for me. ( I still have issues with staying with my training calendar)  I found out that the gu chomps help to make sure that I am not dizzy after the race and I don't feel nearly as bad as I did after that first 10 mile race.  I felt so much better that second year that my friend Kristen and I decided to sign up for our first half marathon!  Yeah we were a bit crazy.  

My first RnR Philly race was a disaster!  We both must have picked up something from the hotel because we were both sick as a dog after the race. disappointing because I actually had my best training runs prior to that race!  Now I don't know if I could ever run Philly again because of that one experience.  I think it took me a month to realize that I wanted to attempt another half.  Philly left an awful taste in my mouth and I needed another race to get rid of the bad after taste.  The Flying Pirate turned out to be the perfect follow up!  

Why was I taking a walk down memory lane today?  Well I had a pretty good run.  3 years ago I don't know if I would go out to run a 7 mile run and come back home and still be able to function.  My feet are a bit tired, but other than that I am feeling pretty good.  Amazing how far I have come since those first few races...and I still have lots more to learn.  Bring it!


~*Kimmy*~ said...

That is awesome!! =)

TR said...

Amazing! Very inspiring. You should be sooo proud!

Kim said...

I love your running story!
Always neat to hear how other runners started and find out about their running past.

Running Librarian said...

Thanks everyone!

Unknown said...

Awesome workout and keep going! I complete understand about hills!

Victoria said...

Great! It's always so amazing when I read posts by others and realize how much I can really relate to it :)