Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dear DC

Dear DC,
I'm not sure if you are aware that there is a race happening on Saturday.  Thousands of people will be running your streets and admiring the beautiful views of the city.  Please be kind to those runners.

Today it is super windy.  People do not really enjoy running in the wind so please if you can blow all of your wind around today and take a break on Saturday you would make a lot of runners very happy.  Also I saw this weather report today...

Now the weathermen have been wrong more than they have been right this year.  Please let this be one of those times when they predicted incorrectly!  I do not want to run my first rain race!  I promise that the next time it is raining (but not torrential downpours..I'm not crazy) I will put my shoes on and run outside.  If you must rain on Saturday, please make it during the evening or even during the afternoon.  I do like the 57 degrees, thank you if that happens.  

Just in case I may bring an entire change of clothes for french toast after the race.  I know this may sound like I'm asking a lot..but please remember that I am not asking just for me, but thousand of other runners too!  

Running Librarian


Michelle said...

Running in the rain can be a joy. You have to try it out, it's slower (for me) because of puddle dodging and the like, but it's a different experience that I really enjoyed. That's not saying I would *prefer* a half-marathon in the rain, far from it, but that it can still be quite enjoyable. That is, if it's not windy too. Windy + rain = not so much fun. I hope the weather hears your plea and accommodates you and the thousands of other runners!

Anonymous said...

Ill be volunteering..Best of withes.

love your blog and want to personally invite you to Join the DC Metro Area Running Bloggers. …

Anonymous said...

I have a good feeling. I think the weather-racing gods will look out for all of us! I hope... :)

Kim said...

Good luck - I hope the weather cooperates!!!
We actually talked about a quick trip to DC this next week for spring break but I don't think we will right now.