Sunday, July 15, 2012

20K on the calendar and sloth-like weekends

Looks like I just added my first 20K race to my calendar.  Megan is running it, and I figured why not.  Then I looked at my training schedule and I am supposed to run an eleven mile run that weekend, so perfect. :)  Maybe this will help me PR on one of my two Halves in September. 

Well this weekend I have officially been a sloth.

Yep that is exactly what I've looked like for most of the weekend.  I have really done nothing this weekend.  Sure I ran some yesterday and today..but other than that..looks like my weekend has consisted of strawberry pie and napping. 

Yeah this weekend has been one of those lazy weekends.  Sometimes you just need some time to do nothing.  I have read some and I did give the dog a bath...that counts for something right?? Yeah sounds exhausting...hence the naps that have been required on both Saturday and Sunday. 

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