Saturday, July 14, 2012

Foto Friday the 13th

Great night for an outdoor movie with friends!  No running, but that is ok.

Tall Man with big shoes..

People starting to pack in for some Dirty Dancing

Becca is excited to make sure that Nobody puts Baby in a corner

Becky thinks that it is going to snow at any moment

Do you see the hand reaching for Swayze?

Becca is shocked that people keep asking us about the movie


Crystal said...

Oh man do I miss those kind of outdoor movies. They don't really do any of that here. Down in Southport, NC they used to have awesome nights like this all summer.

Running Librarian said...

It was a great night..not blistering hot..perfect night to sing along with a movie :)

Anonymous said...

Outdoor movie, how fun! Looks like a great time and who doesn't love that movie?!