Sunday, July 22, 2012

Things I notice during my runs including "Where's My Wife"

Well I do most of my running around my neighborhood.  A lovely one mile loop of down hill and back up hill.  Yeah I know you all are jealous!  While I was out running my five mile run this morning I noticed some things. 

1.  There is a guy in the 'hood that loves his truck.  Every time I am out running  he is out washing his car.  He also loves to listen to the Spanish station while washing his car.  Sounds like I am stalking him..I'm not.  Today I wondered about his washing since it was starting to sprinkle.  But don't worry I don't think his car wash went to waste..the sprinkles stopped.

2.  One road has lots of cats.  I am guessing that a white cat and a black cat were listening to a lot of Marvin Gaye
There are a bunch of black, white and combo of the two cats running around the one street that I run on.  Unfortunately today on the second lap one kitty did not make it across the road.  It was rather disturbing for the rest of the run every time I had to pass it.  RIP kitty.
3.  I run up my dreaded hills!!  I hate one of the hills around mile .5  and I crushed it each time I got to it.
4.  I think my legs are looking stronger.  Less dimples.  Each time I headed up a hill I kept telling myself..nice legs..nice legs..nice legs...
5.  I think I might run too slow.  At the end I ended kicking it up a bit..I need to try to run a bit faster.
6.  Sometimes when you are running a random 10 year old may yell out "Where's My Wife!!" at the top of his lungs.  Not sure if it was to throw me off or to crack up the grandpa or neighbor guy that was standing next to him laughing.  Sorry I haven't seen your wife.
7.  When the temps are in the 70's it is much more enjoyable to run.  I guess I don't enjoy running through hell.
8.   I need to carry around a hanky..I hate sweat running in my eyes.  I usually wear a visor to help with the sweat..but I think that if I have a bandanna or hanky I may have less issues with salty eyes.


Sarah said...

I think it's so funny that you say "Nice legs... nice legs..." because I say something very similar when I'm pedaling up hills. "You want to look smokin' in a skirt?" That's my mantra! :)

P.S. I'm new & hopped over from Shut Up & Run!

Running Librarian said...

Thanks for stopping by Sarah! Funny what goes through our heads as we run :)

Barbara said...

"Wheres your wife?" that's too funny.
I often say "great butt" going up the hills and I'm always on dimple look out too. Ha ha!
My Running Shortz

steena said...

yes, yes yes to #8! I do make a point to carry a hanky/wash cloth with me on a long run, the sweat dripping into my eyes bothers me! And one time, the hanky came very handy, as I stopped at a porta potty that didn't have toilet paper! So I spared my hanky for the cause.
Cute post!

Crystal said...

I can't stand sweat in my eyes. Sweaty bands are the best thing for that. Although I haven't tried a visor....

Lindsay said...

Phone is being weird and won't open comment box so I think I'm technically "replying" to Crystal. I wish I was better at taking care of my car (it hasn't been washed in at least a year I'm sure) :-/ and I hope that kid finds his wife!