Tuesday, July 3, 2012

summer running sucks

Every year I forget how much I hate running in the summer.  I know I said I do not like running in the cold cold temps, but really running in 95 and above is torture.  I'll take 30 and below any day. 

I have not run in a week because I hate the heat and running. That and I lost electricity on Friday night from the crazy storm that hit VA.  My electricity wasn't back until Saturday night. I know what does that have to do with running?  I couldn't bring myself to die running in the heat to have to come into a warm house.  Then my air was broken when the electricity came back.  That is now all fixed so I went for a brief run this morning. 

I woke up after the first night sleeping in my bed since Thursday.  Ah it was so nice to not have to sleep downstairs on a couch b/c that is the coolest place to sleep.  So after a very restful nights sleep, I got up and got dressed.  It was a beautiful night the previous night so I'm sure that it would be a fabulous morning for running.  Turns out that I was slightly off.  I waited too long to run.  8 am during the summer feels like noon running.  I guess when the humidity is hovering around 50%.  I thought I my face was going to catch on fire for the heat that was coming off of my body.    I guess I need to start to turn on the alarm clock and get up super early.  It doesn't help that we are having a heat wave, but really that is not that new for July. 

Looks like I will be running tonight at run club.  Then I have a 4th of July 5K to run tomorrow.  Sooner or later I guess I may actually get used to running in hell. 

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Crystal said...

summer running SUCKS!! i'm with you i'll take 40 or below any day!