Monday, July 9, 2012

Staying safe while running

Sometimes as women we forget how vulnerable we can be while we are running.  Last week a woman was running and was attacked and raped on a pretty popular running path.  She was running alone and noticed a man as she was running out and saw the same man as she was returning.  Turned out that the man that she noticed twice ended up pulling her into some vegetation.  Every woman's worst fear.

It is a horrible thought to think about how some of us might be putting ourselves in danger while attempting to get our run on.  I read recently on a blog about a runner writing down notes when she leaves to go run.  She writes the route, the distance and the estimated time due back.  I never thought of that. 

If you think about it, how much do you carry while you run?  If you are like me, not much.  I carry a water bottle (I guess I can try squirting it in someones eyes) and if I drove to run I will have a car key and maybe some headphones and ipod.  I only run with one earbud in so I can still hear what is happening around me.  That usually is the extent of my extras.  Although I will say I normally stick to my neighborhood circle.  At run club, we run in a large group.  Sometimes I run some other rather visible routes around town. 

According to the article How to stay safe while running  there are some great tips to stay safe while running. 

Here are some of the tips:


Before the Run

Try to get a running partner.
Leave word with someone or write down where you plan to run and when you will return.
Carry some I. D. and change for a phone call.
Take a whistle with you.
Do not wear a radio/headset/earphones or anything which distracts you so that you are completely aware of your environment.

During the Run

Always stay alert. The more aware you are, the less vulnerable you are. Think about possible escape routes in case of a confrontation.
Take notice of who is ahead of you and who is behind you. Know where the nearest public sites are with some general activity - there is usually safety in numbers.
When in doubt, follow your intuition and avoid potential trouble. If something seems suspicious, do not panic, but run in a different direction.
Run clear of parked cars, bushes, dark areas.
Run against traffic so that you can observe the approach of automobiles.
If the same car cruises past you more than once, take down even a partial license number and make it obvious that you are aware of its presence (but keep your distance).

I will say that I am horrible at noticing my surroundings.  I usually do not notice people in general.  I normally do not run in unfamiliar places. 

Hope everyone stays safe out there! 

On running news I did squeeze in 4 mile run today.  It was so much cooler than the 100 plus weekend we had. 

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Lindsay said...

ugh. i hate hearing stuff like this! i hate that there are people out there who DO this to innocent people. i mean seriously, can't get a woman any other way?!? it is so nerve-wracking and it is hard to not constantly worry about this or that happening to us. hopefully we will all be smart and kept safe whether running or otherwise!