Friday, July 27, 2012

Running, Cupcakes and Tourists Oh My!!

I got in a run around Burke Lake on Wednesday right after summer school.  I wanted to run it twice, but after 1 loop I was done..I wanted to go home and have some lunch.  Which was fine with me..I'll take 4.7 miles during lunch.  While running around the lake I was thinking of the last time I saw this:

Yep I screamed like a girl and bolted way.  That thing was getting ready to attack me, I could feel it!  But no snake on this run..instead I was thinking of the snake sighting and a biker came up and I screamed like a little girl.  I am sure she thought I was on crack.  Note to self, never think about good can come from it.

Well I am hoping to get in my long run tomorrow morning.  Fingers crossed that it is not super hot and I can get my butt out of bed early.  After the run I am meeting Megan for a cupcake tour of DC.  Yeah, cupcakes, that's how we roll. 

Not sure where our cupcake tour is going to take us..but we are going to be on our way to learning a little more about the cupcake scene in DC.  It is a hard job, but somebody has to do it.  In order to use some of those calories, we are going to head over and check out the new MLK monument.  I just love being a tourist every once in awhile.  So tomorrow should be lots of fun with yummy cupcakes, tourists and friends.  Now where is that fanny pack of mine..(every good tourist needs a fanny pack right?)


Anonymous said...

i am so excited about the cupcake tour! there are so many on the maps that i printed! haha! do the food trucks operate on the weekends?! one day, i would like to order a cupcake from a truck!

hope you had a good run. i'm headed out for a short one...making room for some cupcakes!

Running Librarian said...

we would have to head in to DC during the week for a food truck cupcake lol Can't wait for some yummy treats today either! :)