Saturday, July 14, 2012

Raindrops keep falling on my head

I decided that even though it was humid, it wasn't nearly as bad as last weeks temps so I went and put the old running clothes on.  Twice this week I didn't really want to run and I made myself lace up the running shoes.  Twice this week I have been so glad that I ran.  It was a great night for a run.  It was just me running around the neighborhood.  No music, no kids out.  Just me and my feet pounding the pavement.  I felt really good running.   I might be gaining some of my running that I lost by not really doing much of anything in June.  Why do we go on strike from running when it feels so hard to get back to where you were? 

I wanted to run a few more miles, but a storm was brewing and I didn't want to get caught in it.  So I called it quits after three miles.  I figure three miles are better than nothing.  That and I figured I might have ran off a few bites of some yummy strawberry pie that I made earlier. 
Ahh remember when it was chilly outside and we had to wear lots of clothes..yeah I don't remember that either...

Looks like tomorrow I will be running my long run.  I wanted to knock it out today, but the weather had other ideas.  That's ok..I will just enjoy some reading and TV watching instead.


Anonymous said...

haha! i was just looking at our races from back in the winter.

happy you had another great run!

Running Librarian said...

Funny because I was just organizing my photos on my computer..I have a crap load of running pictures..we might need to start doing some other things so it doesn't look like I am a freak. lol