Friday, July 6, 2012

Adventure Run..yes please!

Yesterday we were melting.  It was 100 degrees outside at 5pm.  What better time to head off to Roadrunner Sports in Falls Church to participate in their Thursday Adventure Run!  Megan found out that the first Thursday of the month, Roadrunner Sports has what they call an adventure run ( I would call it a scavenger run).  It sounded fun and it was the perfect!  So we headed over to Falls Church.  I was convinced that we would be the only idiots running in 100 degree weather.  Well if you are wondering, there are other crazy people in the DC area!  Yep the store was pretty packed.
We signed in and then waited for the store to release the map that we needed to find the checkpoints around Falls Church.  We had one hour to visit as many checkpoints as possible. 

They also emailed the map to our smartphones.  We were all at a little disadvantage because neither Becky, Megan or myself hang out around Falls Church. So we did not know where anything was, we really relied on the map.  Luckily Megan was a great map reader/runner. 

We took off and headed to our first spot to collect some raffle tickets. 

It was really hot out..did I mention that??  I am not really good at running in the heat.  So it really was a run/walk kind of night. We didn't hit all of the stops, but we did hit the slip n slide stop. 

That was the best check point ever!  Although I did learn that small children are much better at a slip n slide than I am!  We knew we were not going to hit all of the check points so we headed to the area that had some more relatively close.

When it was coming up to our cutoff time of 7:30 we headed back to the store so we could place all of our raffle tickets in the bin.

They had some great prizes up for grabs.  Oh how I love a good raffle.  Hopefully we had one of the winning tickets.
All of those tickets and not one  a winner.  Oh well we had fun.  Maybe next month we will be a winner. :) 


Lindsay said...

How fun!! I did an adventure style race earlier this summer but not a running-ish one. Still, fun! Too bad your tickets weren't lucky.

Crystal said...

that looks really cool!!

Barbara said...

That sounds like a total blast! Although there's NO way I could run or even walk in 100 degree heat. Yikes!

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