Monday, July 16, 2012

Good Job!

Headed out for a 4 mile run in the heat and humidity.  I did wait until 7:30 thinking it would cool down some, but really it was still hot.  The only thing that changed was that the sun wasn't on top of me so I did have the  shade of the buildings to run in.  I figured today was going to be "cooler" than tomorrow so I might as well run today.  Although tomorrow is Tuesday so I will still end up running in the heat at run club. 

While I was running I notice an odd issue.  My feet were starting to burn.  And of course for most of my run all I could think of is how hot my feet were.  Then all I could think about is that those poor runners at Badwater were running in much hotter feeling feet than my feet.  I guess I need to try some thinner socks.  Hopefully that will help.  I do love my cushiony balega socks

So I guess I need to go back to my feeture elite socks.  How do those Badwater runners do it?  A few miles and I was ready to try barefoot running.  Then I thought about the rocks on the road and quickly changed my mind.  My feet do not like it rough. 

While I was running I saw one of my neighbors running up the huge hill that I was running down.  I have seen him run before (or I may have seen him in his yard..not sure.)  Anyway, I was heading down the hill, hating my feet and he was running up the hill.  As he was pushing on up the hill he turns and says "good job!"  Little did he know he just made my run!  Its funny how some of the simplest things that people say really has an impact.  It just put a little skip in my step.  Most times I find that runners will either
A.  ignore me
B. give me the little head nod
C. the smile and keep running.

I don't ever normally get "good job" while I'm running.  Not sure if it was the look on my face.  I tend to look like I hate life during my runs.  Sometimes I actually hate life, other times I don't realize that I look like I hate life.  Or if he is always so nice to other runners.  Whatever the case, thanks for making my run!  I think I am going to start to tell other runners "Good Job!"

So to all of you runners, Good job!  Keep on running!


Jill said...

"Good Job" would definitely perk me up, too! I usually just nod at a passing runner but my friend is always a "Hi there!" girl. Too fun.

I think barefoot at Badwater might cause a few "hot spots" on the old feet. Hahaha. I hear they run on the white painted line because the asphalt can melt the shoes. Crazy stuff.

Anonymous said...

That was very nice of him! I normally don't respond to people while out running, I don't mean to be rude, but I'm just not a social runner. Even in races, if I pass someone and they say encouraging words, I just give a quick nod/smile.

Beth (i run like a girl) said...

I have found that runner greetings vary from place to place. In So Cal people barely talk, but often nod. In the South, everyone waves and often people say "good morning" or "good job." In London people would cross the street to avoid eye contact. ;)

That said, I appreciate every greeting no matter where I am. So go for it! Start saying "good job" to other runners! I bet you'll make their day. :)