Saturday, March 31, 2012

Is it still called the Cherry Blossom 10 miler if there are no Cherry Blossoms?

So tomorrow is the Cherry Blossom ten miler.  This will officially be the last Cherry Blossom race I run.  I'm moving on from the Cherry Blossoms and the crowds and the beer and oreo guy at around mile 8.  We've had a pretty good run Cherry Blossom, but there are other races that I must run.  And honestly I have never really enjoyed you.

I was torn on whether to sign up for this year's Cherry Blossom ten miler.  I talked myself into it to run with friends.  I truly didn't think we would make it in the lottery since this will be my third or fourth Cherry Blossom race.  But we made it and I'm  running  tomorrow.

A look back at my first Cherry Blossom ten miler:

The Cherry Blossom race was my first long race.  The problem was that prior to the day of the race I had only ever ran 4 miles.  Well you know what they say, if you can run four you can run ten.  So I ran/walked ten.  I had watch issues and I was worried that my friends were going to leave me b/c it was past the meeting time and I was still running.  Somehow I fast forwarded time on my watch.  Lesson on don't wear a watch for the first time to a race..learn to use it first.  Then I ran up to everyone in a panic and didn't know what I wanted to do..throw up...sit something..I don't know...Then off to lunch and I was having trouble walking.  It took me days to be able to walk up and down steps pain free.  Just goes to show you that you should run more than 4 miles before race day. :)

Tomorrow I have not ran the mileage I should once again I am just running to finish.  I look forward to seeing the beer and oreo guy.  I don't look forward to seeing that damn juggler running by me..mocking me with his "this is so easy I can juggle while I do this".  I look forward as always to some yummy french toast after the run with some great friends.  It is the french toast tradition!

Hopefully tomorrow stays in the fifty's and I'm not cold during the race. 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

KT duct tape only better

So my friend Megan loves KT Tape.  So much so, while we were trolling the RnR DC expo she wanted to pick up some KT pro tape and ended  up practically working the KT booth.  Since she is hoping to score a part time job selling KT tape door to door in her spare time, she gave me some KT tape to try on my plantar fasciitis. 

I have had plantar fasciitis  in one foot or the other for over 3 years.  My right foot was really bad a few years ago..after multiple shots and some therapy my right foot is still feeling great 2 years later.  Now my left foot is suffering.  I went last summer to the foot doc and he gave me a shot and told me to continue the stretching and nighttime boot wearing that I am familiar with.  Well I thought the shot worked, but the pf came back...only not as bad as at first.  I have been managing it for the last year with stretching and stretching.  It hasn't gotten worse, but it hasn't gotten better either. 

Megan gives me some KT Tape after her love of KT Tape grew with the new Pro line.  I figured it can't make the pf any worse than it currently already is so...on it went.  The KT website is super easy to use.  They have videos to show you how to place the tape based on what your problem is..I must say I am now going to start to sell the stuff door to door too!  My foot felt the best it has felt during a run in a long time.  I have forgotten how it feels to run pain free.  Normally the first few miles I'm in some sort of pain, but after that it is usually fine.  Today, no need to wait for a few miles in..I heart KT Tape!  I might even say it is even BETTER than Duct tape for holding things and people together!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cherry Blossom 10 miler next week..say what!?!

I just finished the RnR DC half and now it looks like Cherry Blossom 10 miler is on the horizon.  Since I really didn't run much for RnR DC..I'm hoping for an ok, run for Cherry Blossom.  My plan is to run 8 miles this weekend.  (it is supposed to rain all weekend, so I'm hoping to squeeze in 8 outside on Sunday..if not hello dreadmill).  Then run some 4 or 5 mile runs throughout the week and hopefully I will be ready by next weekend for 10 miles. 

no cherry blossoms for this year's picture

Why oh why did they accept our entry into the Cherry Blossom? The Cherry Blossom 10 miler is probably my least favorite run.  The only reason I sign up for it is to run with friends.  I hate the crowds and feeling like I am running on top of people at the start of the race.  When I get to Haines Point I dread the fact that I am running for miles without much crowd support.  I do look forward to seeing the random guy sitting with free beer and oreos at around mile 8 (I somehow missed him last year).  The cherry blossom will probably be all gone by race day too.   I love the brunch afterwards, hanging out with friends.  I just find I don't enjoy the race.  This will probably be my last Cherry Blossom 10 miler that I run.  I prefer the Army 10 miler over the Cherry Blossom (even with the uphill climb towards the finish line). 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

lessons learned after every race

When you race, no matter the distance, you can usually learn something.  Yesterday I ran the Rock n Roll Suntrust half marathon in DC.  It was a great day for a run and a great day to learn some more running lessons! 

Megan and I started off bright and early heading off to RFK stadium in plenty of time to start to race.  We made it to the metro in Clarendon in plenty of time.  While on the metro more and more runners were hopping on making for one sardine felt ride.  A few stops before our destination, the train cars were really full, so much so that one of the doors would not close.  There were multiple pleas for people to step away from the doors and check to make sure that your bag is not blocking the door.  After what seemed like a good 15-20 minutes (I'm sure it wasn't that long)  We were told to empty the train.  Ugh!!  We have a race to get to people!!  So we all rushed off and were expecting to re-board when the train took off.  Of course the next train was jammed packed and not many people were able to push there way on.  Luckily we were able to squeeze into the third train headed our way.  We started out at 6:30 on the train and didn't make it to the race until around 8:10..yeah the race starts at 8:00.  Luckily I'm slow so I knew that it was a good thirty minutes until my corral left. 

We did some bag check, headed to the bathroom (used the Amory bathrooms with flushing toilets and running water!  Yea!)  We also made sure that we knew where we were meeting after the race.  And we were off.  We ran right into the corral as it was moving up..I guess one good thing about arriving late is you don't have to stand that long in your corral.  I yelled a quick "Good Luck to Megan" and we were off. 

Well I was off.  It was a beautiful day for a run.  I knew it was going to be rough going.  I was sick for most of the week and  I really didn't do the running I needed to do to have a great running time.  I knew I was in for a bunch of run/walking.  I just didn't realize the amount of walking I would be doing. 

Now most of my races in DC have taken place around the title basin, which is pretty flat.  I have ran the Cherry Blossom ten miler (flat course) and the Race for Hope (flat course).  Because of this, I just assumed that DC is flat for running.  Everyplace that I have ran has been pretty flat.  Around the monuments..flat..Well I now know that DC has some hills that can kill you!  If you haven't figure it out yet, I hate hills!  So running through some of the neighborhoods around DC was pure torture! At one point I looked at the girl beside me and ask "Who put this mountain in our race?!" 

I ended up walking the last shoulders were tightening up during the race and killing me, along with my hamstrings and calf..I was slowly falling apart!  I knew that I was going to finish, it was just a question of when. 

The lesson on today's run?  Well the lesson that I need to learn over and over always helps.  But the bigger lesson...check out the elevation map before you hit the start line.  That way you are not surprised when around every corner there seems to be a hill popping up!

My goal for this one was to finish without dying!  I made it!!  I am alive.  And I'm feeling pretty good today.  I will do some stretching, but all in all a great day for a run!

Megan made her goal and PR'd!  Go Megan!  Looks like one down in the road to becoming  a Half Fanatic!  Now on to the Kentucky Derby Mini with some Cherry Blossom Ten Miler thrown in for fun. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

First half Marathon on the Road to a Fanatic coming up!

Three days an I am running my first half marathon of 2012.  Am I prepared??  Heck no!  This week I've been plagued with the plague..stupid head cold and lack of breathing.  Prior to this week..umm wait a minute while I come up with a multitude of excuses..too cold, too hot..too rainy..too busy..too name it I could come up with the excuse for my lack of mileage.  Unfortunately I'm going to be paying the price on Saturday for my lack of preparation.   Hello Rock n Roll DC!  That's ok..I'm prepared for a rough run.  I just keep telling myself if I could run while sick with what was probably the worst stomach bug known to man and still finish the Rock n Roll Philly two years ago, I can get through this race too.

So  here is my plan for Saturday:

1.  look cute in some green running wear
2.  enjoy the hotter than normal running day
3.  just enjoy the time goal for this one
4.  use this one as a step towards Cherry Blossom ten miler in a few weeks and the next two half marathons on the road to becoming a half fanatic.
5.  not to die (I feel this is a really important)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Four Courts Four Miler

So I was looking forward to today's four miler race.  Last night I came  home and took a nap followed by  making some pasta and back to bed at 9 pm.  Yeah not my normal Friday night.  I think I'm fighting a head cold.  I just feel sluggish and blah..yeah that's what you want to feel like before running four miles.  I did take some Advil Cold so I'm hoping that helps me out this morning. 

Next weekend is the Rock n Roll DC half marathon.  Fingers crossed that I don't die! lol  I haven't been putting in the miles that I should.  So if I die mid run I guess I have nobody to blame but myself.  The good thing about the half is it is the first of three..a few weeks go by and I have the Cherry Blossom 10 miler and then a few more weeks and another  half followed by a few more weeks and my final half mid May.  So I'm hoping that my time gets better has the weeks go on :) (well if I survive next week that is). 

Good Luck to all running this weekend!