Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in Pictures..

I know I have not been around for December...but I am still alive and breathing.  I have not been running much.  Really I normally don't run much in December so nothing new this year.  I am going to do another year in review with pictures.  So if you hate pictures you may want to move on. :)

January- Always the start of a new year of training for some spring races.  This year did not have nearly as many races as 2012 but I had a good amount on the calendar.  Too bad I had to miss two races because of sickness or a flat tire..but that has nothing to do with January...

 Volunteered picking up wreathes at Arlington National Cemetery.  Great day with Jeff and Becky picking up wreathes.

I had my 100th run at run club!  Always great to celebrate anything at run club!

Looking back over my January posts, the theme seemed to be "I do not want to run".  I am guessing that has something to do with the weather and getting back into the swing of running. I also noticed that even though I didn't want to run, I still ran, which is a good thing.


My birthday month!  Always a fun month!  I had my birthday run.

Along with some New Kids On The Block!


My first half marathon of the year takes place this month...Rock n' Roll USA

This was Megan's last Rock n' Roll race.  She is officially done with Rock n' Roll.  I will continue to run the local USA and VA Beach runs with Shawn.

March was also Becky's birthday run.  We ran the Four Courts Four Mile.  Great day for a run.

We also volunteered at the GW Parkway Classic ten mile race.

It is always great volunteering with run club friends.  Unfortunately there was an attack of a dolly while loading up the extra water.
Poor Becky!  


Whiticar returned from deployment!  We ran with flat Whit for over a year.  He enjoyed running races with us.

In April we retired Flat Whit since real Whit returned to the U.S.

April was also the Cherry Blossom 10 miler.  We convinced Becky to run her first 10 mile race.  She did great!  I also got to see my friend the damn juggler!

I also signed up for my first full marathon.  Yikes!  I was scared!


I ran the Marine corps Historic Half.  I couldn't pass it up since it was so close to home.

I had the second  Color Me Rad run with Kristi and family at VA Beach

It is always fun to run with people throwing colors at you!


June was Hatfield and McCoy half marathon.  I was looking forward to this race for a year!  It lived up to expectations.  I think this might be my favorite race because the people and town were just so darn friendly!

Becky ran her first half and Megan ran the full at Hatfield and McCoy.

June was also a time to say see you later to a good friend.  Becky was leaving for Columbia.  

It's not good-bye but see you later!  Becky is enjoying her time in Columbia.


The heat of the summer, summer school and summer training.  Ugh!
July was the beginning of the summer of sweat.
A fourth of July run.  Hot, hot, hot!

Then lots of sweating taking place in July.  Why did I sign up for a fall full marathon again??


Rock n' Roll Pittsburgh was canceled.  

Biggest Loser Erie happened. 

It also was the first race that my mom has seen me run.  I was a bit worried that she would be bored waiting.  She really enjoyed herself.  We will see if she will ever make it to another race.

School and work started up.  The juggling act between running and work begins.

My first DNS happened.  I missed Navy/Air Force Half marathon because of a stupid flat tire!

9/11 run

Rock n' Roll VA beach tried to kill me or I hate running in heat!

I ended up in the medic tent for overheating.

October - the month of PRs
Clarendon Day 10K.  Running with run club friends again.

Army 10 mile race and a new 10 miler PR!
I ran a very wet Heritage Half and PR'd!

I ran my first full marathon!  Marine Corps Marathon was fun!

I didn't run a bunch in November.  I was scheduled to run Annapolis Half Marathon before Thanksgiving.  But I got the stomach bug so I now have another DNS for 2013.

I now have a new magnet on my car. :)

I didn't do much running this month.  I did go and cheer on one of my parents from school for her first half marathon.  We also visited Santa at run club.  We had a run club outing.

Here's to a great 2014!!