Monday, October 28, 2013

Marine Corps Marathon: Never trust a box of Wheaties and the damnjuggler is back

So yesterday was my first full marathon.  I was a bit nervous.  You never know what is going to happen on race day.  Was my training enough?  Would I beat the bridge at 20 miles or get pulled from the course? Would I remember all of my stuff?  All of these questions and more are just circling around in my head in the morning.

I got up at 4:30 to start to get ready.  I was meeting Megan at the lot at 5:45.  I had my stuff together the night before to try and make my morning a bit more calm.  I had to get my food for the race.  I had the rest of last weeks sweedish fish from Army 10 miler  along with one shot block.  I was planning on more than one shot block but I forgot to get the package that I purchased at the expo out of my bag.  I wouldn't figure this out till I was waiting for the race to start.

I taped my one knee and headed out the door.  Megan and I headed to the metro and found we were one of maybe 4 people waiting for the metro..ummm it is race day right??  More started to show I am guessing we just missed a train.

We ended up arriving at the Pentagon after switching and squeezing into a new train.  The line to exit the metro was crazy long.  We head out and trekked the 2 miles to the start.  Our friend Brad is there with his friend from out of town.  He is not running it but wants to wish us good luck.  We head over to the bag check.  No problems here.  Nice and easy no lines..
While we were headed to the portapotties we saw some Marines parachute out of a plane and show the American Flag.

We checked our bag and headed to a portapotty.

What you can't see is how nice my throw away jacket is.  Lovely velour with rhinestones around the pocket. Yeah I always go fancy before a race! Somebody is so lucky to get that jacket.  On a side note I was standing beside a man who was wearing a little girl's robe with pink duckies on it..Loved it!  

While were were standing in line one group of guys had their own roll of tp.  They were passing it around.  I of course had to comment that I would like some please.  They were very kind and spared some squares to Megan and myself.  Genius!  But considering that I couldn't remember shot blocks I am not sure if I could remember to bring a roll of  tp to a race.  

We headed over to our corrals and quickly found Brad.  As we we were standing around who should find us??  That's right Gary!  It is amazing the crowds that we stand in and Gary always is able to find us.  We had marathonfoto take our pic along with Brad.

Amazing that you are in a crowd of 30,000 plus and you can run into people you know.  We also ran into Matt from run club as we were heading to our corrals.  We haven't seen him in ages, so it was nice wishing him good luck.  Megan and I wished each other luck and went to our corrals.  I really had no idea what I was going to run this full in.  I just wanted to beat the bridge and finish.  So I lined up with the 5:30 crowd.  It took us thirty minutes and we were crossing the start line.  

I was feeling pretty good for the first half of the race.  I found a group of guys with a sign that they were offering free advice.  The advice they were giving when I ran by was to always tip your waitress.  Sound advice guys.  They were also handing out some candy.  Since I figured out that I didn't really have more than some sweedish fish I figured I should turn and head the few steps back to pick up a mini snickers bar.  Ah it was yummy.  Just an FYI - if you are handing out snickers and it is in the 40's no need to freeze them.  It makes it a bit hard to chomp on them as you run.  I thought I was going to choke to death because I was trying to chew a frozen snickers and breath out of my mouth (I can't breath out of my nose when I run..not enough air.)  I could see the headlines girl dies from choking on a snickers at her first marathon.  

After the snickers was all eaten and I was sure that I wasn't going to die in a tragic snickers death, I got myself behind the 5:30 pace group.  They ended up being the Galloway run walk pace group.  So all of sudden some woman would throw her hands in the air and about 40 people would just stop and start walking.  It was so annoying.  I am fine with the run/walkers if you only take up half of the road.  When you are taking up the entire road and not letting anyone else are annoying.  I almost got tripped up by a girl that was darting in and out of people trying to escape the run/walkers too.  

I finally escaped the madness  of 5:30 and was much happier.  We headed up Rock Creek Park and we started to see other runners coming down Rock Creek.  I was on the lookout for Megan.  That kept me busy for a few miles.  I did see her smiling face as I shouted out and we exchanged waves.  She was looking pretty good and I thought I was feeling pretty good so all was well.  Then as I was coming down Rock Creek I saw him.  The damn juggler!  This time he was dressed as RGIII from the Redskins, he even wore a mask to look like RGII!  Instead of juggling regular balls he was juggling footballs! Such a show off!

Curses juggler!  My first marathon and you are there too.  I think he might be following me!  I think it took him to mile 20 to pass me.  So that made me feel sort of good. :)

We were at mile 9 and I was feeling pretty good.  I loved seeing all of the Marines out supporting the MCM.  It was so wonderful!  Mile 9 I ate my smashed blueberry jelly half sandwich.  It was so yummy.  

As we headed down Haines Point I saw the Run to Remember people.  Haines Point is a rather lonely stretch of land that not many people trek out to cheer.  Since it is rather lonely you start to read signs.  

It was a line of pictures of fallen soldiers.  Brought some tears to my eyes.  At the end volunteers were lining the road holding American flags.

We headed out of Haines Point and I believe it was mile 14.  My half time was pretty consistent with my normal half marathon time.  I was a bit worried that maybe I went out a bit too fast.  Well I guess I will be finding out shortly.  :)

As I was running I had this girl and her boyfriend or husband beside me. I am guessing he was a Marine because he would randomly yell out someones name to the Marines on the side like he knew them and then head over to shake there hands.  He obviously was not running his first full marathon.  He was a really nice guy and obviously there to support the girlfriend because the entire time he was skipping around her and running ahead to chat with someone and then skipping back to her.  If he didn't offer me a small bottle of water earlier in the run I would  have been giving him the evil eye at some point for being so happy and bouncy.  But I didn't because he offered me a bottle of water and I thought that was nice of him.  I will say I wish I had just a bit of his energy at the end of the race.  It was funny because the girl would just keep on pushing ahead and the boy was just all over the place.  

Around mile 17 I ran into the box of Wheaties, the carton of Milk and a Banana.  I have seen the guy in the Wheaties box before.  I could not imagine running 26.2 miles in a costume.  Anywhoo  I was running and listening to the breakfast people talking and realized that they were talking about beating the bridge.  Now I will tell you all that I didn't look at the cutoff time for the bridge.  I figured I either beat the bridge or get kicked off the course.  I just was hoping that I was maintaining the 14 min. mile pace.  Considering the start I was in 11 min/mile I figured I had some cushioning so I should make it.  Then the Wheaties box and his friend start talking about how they need to get to the bridge in the next 20 or else they won't beat the bridge.  What?!  I don't think I could do 3 miles in 20 mins!  Great I just purchased over 100 dollars of MCM merchandise that I will never be able to wear!  So I was trying to kick it up a bit...not sure it was working, but I tried.  

Mile 18 there were Marine's handing out sports beans.  Since I had my name on my shirt I got lots of Go Pam's!  Looking strong Pam!  during the race and I was loving it.  So as I ran past, not stopping for sports beans, I hear one Marine start yelling at me to dig deeper Pam..Push it Pam..Go faster Pam.  He must think I am in bootcamp!?  Well I wasn't going to make him mad so I did what he said to do..then a few guys down, a different Marine decided to take over the yelling at Pam moment.  Was pretty fun.  I think I would have done well at boot camp.  I was pretty good at following orders. :P

I head over to mile 19 and I see some friends.  Amazing how seeing someone you know just puts a little bit more pep in your step.  I ran over to say hi and offer up sweaty hugs.

Ah to be this happy at mile 19 and not knowing what lies ahead.  The fact that in two miles I will be miserable is unknown to me.  Jen assured me that I had time for the bridge and I was not endanger of getting kicked off the course.  Ah Wheaties lied to me!  Well maybe I shouldn't listen in on people's conversations..because technically they didn't say anything to me..but still.  You don't say 20 mins left until people are done and not allowed to finish.  That is just mean!

I said my byes and was off to beat the bridge.   I made it to the bridge.  My goal was to beat the bridge and I completed that goal.  I saw the 20 mile marker and then I just broke down.  It is almost like I hit my goal and I was done.  I called my mom told her my legs were so sore and I was going to walk the last 6.  That is pretty much what I did too.  I just couldn't lift my leg and foot off of the ground to run forward.  I knew it was going to be along 6.2 miles.  If I didn't fall apart after 20 I could have finished just under 6.  But I had to walk..oh well I am happy I finished.  Crystal City was torture.  I just wanted to be done.  I tried running..what I thought was running but I am sure it looked nothing like running.  I started to ignore anyone saying my name.  At mile 24 my friends were back.  I heard my name a few times and looked up and they were there.  How nice.  Unfortunately I could barely lift my hand to wave.  Ugh...

As I am running mile 25 I see Eileen from run club riding her bike.  How great to see her.  She gave me a big hug and told me I was doing great.  Gary had finished a bit ahead of me.  A nice little boost when I needed it.  It didn't make me run, but it did put a smile on my face :)  

As I crossed the finish line I tried to run across.  Not sure that is what it looked like.  I was feeling so proud!  I can't believe I finished a marathon!  As I head over to the Marines for my medal I hear the one Marine explaining that they ran out of medals and would send me my medal if I emailed the Marines.  I guess they didn't anticipate as many people running and finishing today.  All of sudden I felt tears welling in my eyes.  I was trying not to cry.  I knew it wasn't the Marine in front of me's fault.  They were offering the 10K medal.  The man beside me was super excited that we got extra medals today.  I didn't really want a 10K medal since I didn't run a 10K, I ran a full.  The other Marine just looked at me, I think he could tell I was close to crying, and asked me "Yes? to the 10K?"  I just shook my head.  He saluted me and congratulated me.  I didn't really hear what he said because I was so sad about no medal.  I got my medal and called my mom to tell her I finished and started to cry about my lack of medal.  She told me it is fine they will send me one, I will still get a medal.  I told her I was planning on wearing it to school and I earned it today.  All afternoon I would tear up when I told someone they ran out of medals.  I know they will send me one, but for my first full it was just such a let down.  I felt really proud of what I did and really wanted me medal.  

Megan let me pose with her medal as she photo-bombed me!

I am very proud of my full marathon.  I wish I didn't fall apart the last 6 miles, but I finished, so I didn't completely fall apart :)  I am a marathoner!  And this marathoner is officially a retired marathoner.  The training was tough.  The race tough.  I think half marathons are more of my thing.  I guess I could try another marathon later..who knows but as of right now I am a retired marathoner :)  

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Twas the night before MCM...

So today I ran over to the MCM first thing in the morning to avoid lines.  Ok, I didn't really run..I drove, but you get the picture.  Megan came with me to shop since she had already picked up her bib earlier in the week.

When we got there we were a bit early.  No problem lets hang out in line with the other runners.  When we got in I headed over to get me bib.  I was so excited to have my MCM bib that I guess I wasn't listening to the volunteer.  I was paying attention to Megan as she took my picture.  The volunteer was not as excited about my MCM bib as I was...oh well.  

Then we headed over to Fisher House to pick up some swag.  I also had to exchange my I wish I didn't have boobs some days.  

We headed into the expo and found some motivational signs.  Lets hope they come true for me :)  

Here are some of my stuff from the expo.  I got a lovely berry wind jacket and a short sleeved oorah shirt.  I better finish this full or I will not be able to wear my new stuff.  Or worse, I guess I would have to try again next year so I can wear my stuff.  I also got the lovely hot as hell tech mock (which is what they give you as your shirt)..which will probably never see the light of day unless I get stuck in a serious blizzard and lose heat because of the power outage across the region.

We finished our shopping and headed back to the car.  The line for picking up your bib wrapped around the block.  So glad we got there as soon as they opened.  No bad lines for us!  I dropped Megan off at her car and headed towards home.  I was planning on heading to target and the thrift store to pick up something to wear before the race that I could throw away.  A half mile before my exit to head home and 95 is stopped.  Next up a Firetruck and police car come flying up the side of the road.  I can see the lights as they stop in front of us.  Great.  Hope we don't have to wait too long and they let us go by on one side of the road.  Well it wasn't long before I realized we were not going anywhere.  When truck drivers are getting out of their trucks on 95 you know that is not a good sign.  People were making friends along the roadside too.

I saw one woman who was very good at multitasking.  She had some Windex and paper towels and cleaned her windows as she waited.  I wanted to run back and ask her if I could borrow some towels and her Windex.  Luckily I had a book with me so I got some reading done.  Over 1 and 1/2 hours later we were able to start to move.  A tractor trailer knocked down some overhead power lines.  Ugh..  Well that was a great use of my day.  I ended up heading to Panera to get some lunch and then complete my errands.

I have my bag packed, my clothes laid out, my shirt has my name on the front to encourage cheers to help me keep going (I hope the M stays is a bit iffy..I guess I will get cheers for Pam or PA)..I'm now just relaxing and getting nervous..

Next up MCM..

Friday, October 25, 2013

Things I won't miss about marathon training...

Well Sunday is Marine Corps Marathon.  As I think back on my training there are some things that I just won't miss about marathon training.

1.  Bad long runs.  I felt like I had more bad long runs than good long runs.  I will blame heat for most of my bad runs.

2.  Dreading running 17 miles.  Certain numbers just would stick in my head all week long until the long run day.  17 and 20 miles really messed with my mind.

3.  Missing happy hour on a Friday because of a long run the next day.  I did end up going out to a winery on a Friday thinking I would cut it short and head home to eat and then run the next day.  That didn't happen.  I did cut the night short, but I didn't go home to eat.  It is hard to run long on cheese and crackers.  So I had to put it off until Sunday.  So that was an entire weekend worried about a long run.

4.  Running all morning long.  There is something to be said about half marathon can run for an hour or two and you are done..marathon training not so much.  It was during these runs that I just wish I was a faster runner.

5.  Feeling exhausted and napping to recover from my long run.  My housework may have suffered because of some of long recover naps.

6.  The amount of sweat that is produced on a run longer that 14 miles.

7.  Surprise chafing and finding out about the chafed area when the shower water hits the chafed area.

I'm sure there is more but I think 7 is enough for tonight. :)

What are some things that you do not like about training??

Sunday, October 20, 2013

October is the month of PR's

So every race that I have/will race has been or will be a PR!  I would say that October has been a pretty good month of running.

So this morning I woke up to head up to run the Army 10 miler.  Last night I got a text from my friend Lee, who I have not seen since March, and he wanted to know if I was running the ATM.  Well of course I am. It is my favorite 10 mile race!  We were going to try and find each other.  Who knew if that was going to happen with 35,000 runners.  I left earlier than I expected to and boy was I glad, I always forget the back up on the exit ramp to park at Crystal City.  I parked with little problem and headed to the mall for some indoor plumbing.  When I got to the bathrooms I noticed the oddest thing.  I have never seen this sight before.  There was no line for the girls bathroom, but the guys were hanging out of the door.  Say it ain't so..the girls have no line?!  That had to be a good sign.  When I came out of the restroom, the line was super long for both guys and gals..definitely a good sign for me.

Next I headed over to the Pentagon to look for Lee and seeing if I could run into anybody from run club.  After a few texts I ran into Lee.
 I think I may be trying to grow some sideburns with my hair and the me people I am not growing in sideburns..yet. :)  I can't wait until the marathon is over and I then can get a haircut and not have to worry about my hair being too short for a ponytail.
people were everywhere
I walked over with Lee to bag check.  I did not have to bag check.  I had my new spibelt and my handheld along with my garbage bag to keep me warm until we started to run.  I will say that I loved my spibelt!  I didn't even feel my phone in the belt.  No bounce or anything.  Since it did so well on my 10 mile run, I am thinking it should be fine for 26.2 miles.

We headed over to our corals.  Lee was in purple and I was in orange.  We said good luck and we headed to our corals.

When the orange coral started to move I notice that there were two guys that were super excited to run. They started their garmin about 50 yds from the start and tried to take off in the crowd.  Yeah I know my time doesn't start until I cross the pre-running for this girl.  As we crossed and headed out for mile 1 I had the heaviest breather behind me.  I thought that he was going to pass out from lack of O2 at one point.  Poor guy I don't know how he survived for 9 more miles.  He was huffing and puffing pretty loudly before mile 1.

At mile 5ish I saw a little kid zip past me.  He was maybe 8.  He had some speed.  Right behind  him was dad.  He was sweating, huffing and puffing and not looking that great.  We said something to him.  He then told us that he told his son if he beat him he would give him $50.  Well I am going to guess that the kid earned some extra cash today.

I headed over the bridge to finish the last 2 1/2 miles.  I normally walk some on the bridge.  I hate the bridge.  This time I just trudged along and didn't walk.  I felt pretty good.  The end of the race is mostly up hill.  Who does that??  I knew if I kept going I may PR.  I kept going.  I finally made it to the end and sprinted a bit.  I didn't have much left in my legs though.  Turned out I knocked off 2 minutes off of my time!  Oh yeah!

I went and got some water and food and ran into...
Yep Gary.  This time I had Gary radar!  I saw him walking by and said hey.  I was getting chilly and I really wanted my hoodie that was in my car.  So we headed back to Crystal City.  It was about a 2 mile hike.  I will think of it as my cool down walk.  I headed back to my car and got a text from Jeff and Marie that they were in Champs next to the mall.  Since the line was horrible to leave the parking garage I figured might as well head over to Champs for some food.  I haven't seen Jeff and Marie for months.  So it was nice catching up with them.

So for October I have a new half marathon PR
A new 10 miler Pr
and I will have a guaranteed marathon PR

October has been the month of PRs.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Army ten miler expo

Well I got up early and headed out to get my oil changed this morning. Check off one thing that I have needed to do for awhile. I also head up to the DC Armory for packet pick up for the Army Ten Miler. Lots of people had the same idea as I had...get there when they open.
It wasn't too bad. I jumped into a middle line which nobody really was using and viola!  I was in. I had one purchase in mind at the expo... A spibelt for Marine Corps.  I know don't try anything new on race day.  I want to carry my cell with me for the race and I don't want to carry anything in my hands.  So I will test it out on the ten miler tomorrow.  

Tomorrow's weather should be perfect running weather. This makes me really happy after last weekend. :).

Not much else on the books today. I had some yummy gnocchi for lunch and some steak for dinner..then get my stuff ready for my favorite ten miler. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Three things Thursday

1.  I am running my first full marathon in 10 days!!!  I am starting to get a bit nervous.  Who am I kidding I have felt a bit nervous the entire month.  I hope I will survive.

2.  I have the Army Ten Miler on Sunday.  My favorite 10 miler!  I am super excited.  I hope I have a good run.  I am also curious about the course.  They were talking about changing it because of the shutdown.  Since the government is open do they just go back to the original course?  We shall see.  Last year I was suffering with a chest cold and was miserable for the entire run.  So on the positive side I am sure I will beat last year's time.


Look how happy me, Megan and Gary look!  We are very happy to finish our 10K.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Gym Membership

I was debating my gym membership.  I haven't been to the gym for months but I continue to pay them every month.  Why?  Why am I wasting my money for something that I do not really use.  I guess because if I want to use it I can.  I do tend to use it more in the winter for running and working out.  That was the main issue that I had when I was going back and forth on do I ditch the membership or not.  I do not enjoy running in snow and I don't run outside when there is ice out I decided I guess I will keep the gym membership and see what happens who knows, maybe this spring I will save some money and stop paying the gym for nothing.

I did go to the gym twice this week.  So I hope the trend continues.  As I have already said, September is a hard workout month.  Since we are mid October I am going to start to be a bit more regular with my workouts.  I think adding the gym to my non-running days will be very good for me.  If nothing else I can hop on the bike and get some reading in while burning some extra calories.  I am currently up a few pounds with marathon training which I hear is not really odd.  I was hoping to go the other way.  I still am blaming September for those few pounds.  Stupid back to school time making me tired and lazy.

I have run club tonight and then some running this week and the Army 10 miler this weekend.  I have not started to stalk the weather yet.  I am just hoping it is better than last weekends half marathon.  It looks like Marine Corps Marathon is sneaking up on me pretty quickly too...Yikes!  Well I am either going to finish or not going to finish.  I will start to think about that next week..this week is my favorite 10 mile race..Army 10 Miler!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Rain drops keep falling on my head

So it has been raining pretty much all week long.  I was stalking my half marathon and saw that there was a 50% chance of no if you want to be a pessimist there was also a 50% chance of rain, but I was trying to think positively! Turned out the weather didn't like all of my positive thoughts!

I decided last night that I would wear my capris and a short sleeve shirt.  Turns out I couldn't find my capris this morning (at least not the ones I wanted) and I had to put the fan on while I slept so I was pretty sure that I should wear shorts.  I took the dog out and it was a light drizzle, 64 degrees out..yeah definite shorts weather.

As I drove to the half I noticed that the temps were falling a bit.  When I pulled in to the parking lot, it was raining a bit more than a drizzle.  Now I am questioning my outfit.  I used the bathroom and then headed back to my car since I had some time.  Megan texted me that she was here and didn't want to leave her car and she was questioning her outfit selection as well.  Megan was running the 5K and wearing a tank.  Yeah it is starting to rain a bit harder here as apposed to where we drove from.  I guess I wasn't the only one who didn't dress for the weather.

As we were standing around under an overhang waiting for the race to start we saw Red Man!  I love this guy.  He always wears his red tank and red shorts.  He also usually wins his age group since many times he is the only one in the 80 plus category.  He brightened my morning up a bit.
This is not from today.  If it was everyone would look cold and wet.

Finally the half marathoners lined up and we were off.  It wasn't too long before I knew I was going to hate this race.  I do not like running in rain.  I do not like running in wet shoes.  Soon I would have to get over it. When we started out I tried to miss the big puddles trying to hold off the wet shoes and socks for as long as possible. The rain picked up a few miles in so I knew that it was looking like it was going to be a long 13.1 miles.  There was no saving the shoes and socks.

I was feeling pretty good for most of the run.  I was trying to pick up some time on the down hill parts and settle in to a slow climb up the hills.  I also stopped dodging puddles.  My shoes and socks were sloshing around so might as well just run straight through the stupid puddles.  My clothes were soaking wet.  I must have been running with an extra 5 pounds of water being soaked up by my shorts and shirt..oh and socks, can't forget my extra absorbent socks!  I was hating life.  I did notice that my thighs were not rubbing together because they were so wet that there was no possibility of chafing there.  My shorts were quickly looking like a wet diaper.  Yeah I was regretting the no capri choice.  At least I thought ahead to wear a black shirt so it wouldn't end up being a wet t'shirt contest!  No white shirts today!  Why didn't I look harder for my favorite pair of capris??  Oh well nothing I could do now except finish this awful race.

I noticed that at mile 10 I was at a PR for my 10 mile time.  At least I think I was.  The rain was messing with my garmin so I locked it on regular time.  It wouldn't go to the pace screen so every mile (for the most part) it would then pop up with my mile time.  So most of the time I was pretty much guessing my times.  I know that I was holding a pretty good pace for me.  So I was feeling happy about my time.  Once again the last three miles sucked.  It was a lot of up hill.  Who does that??  Nobody wants to see a hill at mile 11!!  I tried to use the downhills to pick up time because I know the up was not going to be pretty.  I headed for the finish, which was around a track.  I was hoping for a PR but I really slowed down a lot during the last few miles.  I was never so happy to see a finish line in all of my life.  When I crossed Megan asked if I wanted food.  I was only interested if they had hot chocolate.  They didn't so I didn't need food.  My legs were so cold for that last 4 miles.  I headed to my car to change into some drier clothes.  I ended up wringing out my socks before putting them in my car.  I don't think I have ever been that wet before!  Note to self I still hate running in rain.

Once again my Army 10 miler hat comes in handy!  I really should buy a running  hat.

Megan and I headed off for our traditional brunch after a race.  I enjoy some french toast..I know shocker!

I came home and checked my time and lo and behold I now have a new PR!!  I shaved 3 mins off of my half marathon time.  Maybe I need to start running more races in the rain.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

What I learned from my craptastic run...

I was supposed to do 20 today..I am few miles short so tonight I will put in the extra to call it a 20 day..

I should have known it was going to be a crappy run b/c I couldn't get myself ready and out the door very fast..and I almost hit a deer on the way to run.  I was hoping the almost part was a good sign because I didn't actually hit the deer.  And also I am not sure it came onto the road..but it hung out right beside the road and watched I my car swerve as if at any moment it was going to leap at I wanted all of that as I good sign.  I started off my run with coolish temps and no sun at 7 am.  I was trying to get out there a bit earlier but I didn't want to run the small amount I was running on a pretty busy road in the dark so I was fine with the 7 am start time.  I felt pretty good for the first 8 or so miles..I had shade for most of the beginning of my run.

The small lake I run around. 

Then I headed for open roads and the sun was out and it was starting to get warmer.  Ah the beginning of the end for my run.

Lessons from today's run:

1.  I think I may die at the end of the month.  I am hoping that this is like the stage..A poor dress rehearsal means you will rock the opening day..please let that be the case.  My last 17 miler was all rainbows and unicorns..but today I spiraled into Dante's Inferno..and at one point I think I was at the 7th layer of hell.

2.  I am so slow.  I know I should probably just focus on the time on my feet.  I think if I was a bit faster marathon training wouldn't be so horrible.  Maybe I will work on increasing my speed after this..I am hoping that the slow bus does not pick me up.  Today my time was all over the place..I'm hoping that race morning I will be better.  And lower temps should help me too.

3.  I need to get better at getting in my mid week runs.  September is horrible with running.  I never am good at working out the first month of school.  Ugh..I'm paying for it.

4.  I headed into the Grocery store to get some Gatorade since I was sweating up a storm and as I was leaving some man asked if I just ran the 5K across town and if the roads were open.  Umm...first if I did I don't think I would wear a camel bak and if I did wear a camel bak I think I would take it off once I was in the car and would not wear it inside to pick up some Gatorade.  I guess I look like someone who loves her camel bak.

5.  I am thinking that the half marathon that I signed up for next weekend will be a good thing.  I need some good runs before Marine Corps.

Here is hoping you all do not have many craptastic runs!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Some days you just have to listen to your body...and sleep

Today was supposed to be my 20 mile run..which I have been dreading all week long.  Well the 20 miler didn't happen this morning.  I pushed it off until tomorrow morning.  I didn't think it would go very well today because I just was so tired yesterday and didn't have the dinner that I wanted to have before my last long run before the marathon.  I ended up sleeping in late too so I think it was a good choice to run on Sunday.  So rather than hate life I will complete my long run tomorrow morning.

This morning I have been super productive. I took Riley on a long walk.  Thinking I will take him on another longer walk in a few before it gets really warm today.  I am now cleaning my house (well not really cleaning my house right now since I am on the computer)  With school starting and running I just haven't been keeping up with things around the house like I would like to. I have a mowed yard and the vacuum still gets run..but the place just needs a really good cleaning. :)  Looks like today is the day for it!  I would also like to do some yard work this evening but we will see if that happens.  What I really need is a maid..anyone want to apply??  I can't really pay you so the pay would be the knowledge that my house is clean and you did it :)

After this week I have three more weeks until my first full marathon!  Yikes!  I will say that I don't think I will be running another anytime soon.  It just takes too much time out of my schedule to train.  The night before a long run I have to make sure I am in bed early and have eaten something that will work on a long run. It is just a lot of running.  I much prefer a half marathon.  Training for a half marathon does not take over your life which I sort of like. :)

Yesterday I was looking at some shoes and found my Pure Cadence pretty cheap at  70 dollars.  Its like Christmas in October!  I love getting a shoe deal!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Clarendon Day 10K

Last Saturday I ran the Clarendon Day 10K.  This was my first time running this race.  It was basically the Four Courts Four Mile race from March just starting a bit farther and the turn around was a bit farther down the road.  They said that this was a downhill race.  It was down hill at the beginning but then it went up a bit and the end was up a hill.  So I'm calling liar liar pants on fire with this one :)

Megan and I headed up early for the race..well early for me, Megan was running both the 5K then coming back to run the 10K an hour later.  We decided that if we couldn't find parking around Clarendon I could head down the road and park at a metro and metro in since I was not running until 9.  Turns out that we found a parking garage really close to the start.

We headed over to the portapotties. Then we got a text from Jen that she was already there and she found Gary.
run club peeps

Megan and Sanjay are crazy and running both the 5K and 10K races

So we found Jen and Gary along with some other random runclub people.  Its great that most of the local races in DC we always usually run into someone we know or recognize from run club.

Megan and Sanjay took off and we waited for some other people while everyone else ran the 5K.  Jen's friend found her.

The 10K race was starting and we still did not see Megan.  I was a bit worried that she didn't make it back.  Once you finish the 5K (its point to sort of point) then you have to walk/run up the hill back to the start of the 10K race.  I figured maybe she was up ahead in the big deal.  Well the gun went off and we took off.  I was running sub 10 min. miles..which if you know anything about my running style that below a 10 min. mile is not really what I do.  I know it was down hill, but still I knew I couldn't hold on to that for 6 miles.  Turns out I was right..ugh..I kept plugging along a bit slower but pretty happy with my run.  Near the turnaround I was looking to see if I could see Megan and I was really starting to Megan..wait is that crazy blonde yelling my name?  Why yes she is..I found Megan..or she found me.  All is good.  I made the turn around and started to wish the race was over.  It doesn't matter the distance I always struggle with the last two miles.  Ah mentally I hate the end of races!!  Well around mile 5 or so I had a girl behind me ask if I was with Shirlington running Club..why yes I run with them.  Turns out she has been running behind me for the last few weeks.  We introduced each other and then head off.  I saw her this week at runclub.  Great to meet new people as you run. :)  That last mile sucked.  I didn't want to run back up the hill.  I knew that we were going to have to but I still didn't want to do it.  I hate hills!  Finished and as I crossed I see Gary who points me in Megan's direction.

We headed back to Clarendon and headed to a bar to meet some other friends.
Always good to hang out with friends after running.  We chatted a bit and then Megan and I headed across the street for some yummy french toast.  Nothing says running like some yummy french toast!

Next up is Heritage Half Marathon next weekend!