Sunday, August 26, 2012

Leesburg 20K and a PR

Last weekend I ran the Leesburg 20k with Megan.  This was my first 20K so guarantee PR!  Hey you have to take your PRs anyway you can get them! :)  It turned out that it was the perfect day to run 12.5 miles too.  We were running a few miles on the road and for most of the run we were on a paved trail.  Trees all around to further protect us from the summer heat (but really for an August morning, no real heat or humidity.)  It was a really nice place to run. 

Before the run started I ended up in the longest port-a-potty line known to man!  I knew if I didn't wait I would regret it later.  I didn't know if there were port-a-potties on the run and how many.  Since it was a smaller race I assumed that not many would be found.  Turned out that it was a smart decision. Score for me!  While in line the race started and half the people in line left..well that moved me up in line a bunch.  I figured my time doesn't start until I cross the start line so I should be fine.  Turned out I didn't have to weave in and out of many people at the start seeing as I was only about 3-5 runners starting :) 

We ran a few miles and then we split off from the 5K runners and the 20K runners headed for the trail.  I wasn't sure if I was the last 20K'er since I started late.  I was trying to figure it out while I was running, but just gave up.  When the split came I realized I was not last.  So that made me feel good.  I know I am a back of the pack runner, but I didn't really want to be the very last runner. 

As I was running I ended up passing a husband and wife running.  I am going to guess that the husband was running with his wife and letting her call the pace.  I love seeing that!  We chatted a bit and I passed them.  Turned out that would not be the last time I would see them. 

The middle of the run had some incline but nothing too bad.  It was an out and back so when we came up, you knew you would see the downside of the hill on the return.  Just how I like it.  As I was running around mile 9 I hear behind me "We're Baaa--ck!"  Yep it was my husband and wife duo.  We laughed about meeting up again.  I decided I wasn't going to let them pass me..but it is later in the race, I am not really feeling speedy.  I go a bit faster knowing that I can't maintain the pace.  Soon they pass me.  I yell good luck and tell the wife to aim to pass the girls in front of us.  They were off.  I ended up seeing them after I crossed the finish line.  The wife got her second wind when they passed me. 

The last mile was a tough one.  I was very glad that I signed up for the race.  Great training run for VA Beach Half next weekend. 

I was really happy to see the finish line!  As I was getting ready to cross the finish line, I was handed the American Flag to run across the finish.  I wasn't sure if I could hold the flag and run because I was tired.  Turned out that I could hold a flag and cross the line without falling over.

After the run Megan and I headed off to a small restaurant to enjoy some post race french toast and bacon.  Yummy.  It was a great day for a 20K!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Running? yes please!

So today I ran the Leesburg 20K with my running sister Megan.(I know shocker!)  I will give you more info later this week. :)

I wanted to check in since I feel like it has been forever since I have posted anything on my blog.  I'm blaming that on work and not a lot of running last week.  I was thinking this morning before my 20K race about why I didn't really put in the miles last week and instantly I remember that I am once again a working girl...summer why did you have to leave me??  I guess we all have to go back sometime..I know I shouldn't complain not many professions give you 8 weeks off in the summer.  It still doesn't mean that I want my summer to end :( 

It looks like two more weeks until RnR Va Beach.  I have heard nothing but good things about this race so I am really excited!  I'm glad I did the 12.5 miles today because as you know I rarely end up saying that I was really happy with my training headed into a half marathon race. :)  So I'm really happy that I have 12.5 miles in before race day. 

My goal is to run some short runs this week and hit a ten miler this weekend.  Other than that I must get ready for some Steeler football! 

Go Steelers!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

week before I start back to work gives me CFS and republican rallies

I have been really really tired this week.  On Wednesday my summer vacation comes to an end.  Yep..back to work time. I have not really missed you.  So maybe my body recognizes that soon we will be back on a schedule and is revolting.  I have been napping like it is my job.  I did feel like I have been fighting off something starting with a sore throat.  Every once in awhile I come down with my self diagnosed CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome).  Yes, sometimes I play a doctor on TV. :) 

This morning I was sort of excited to run a long run.  The morning was in the low 70's and some clouds were in the sky.  The perfect day for a run...except if you are suffering from CFS.  I made it four miles and then called it quits.  Every time I moved forward it was taking a lot out of me.  Somedays you just don't have it in you.  I will attempt another long run tomorrow.  Fingers crossed that the CFS goes away. 

Yesterday I did not get my nap in.  Instead I headed to Mitt Romney's rally.  I'm not normally very political, but I do enjoy a good rally during a presidential election year.  Last election I got to see Hillary, McCain, and Obama.  Yeah I have no allegiance during a presidential election year.  I love hearing everyone in line talking.  It always cracks me up.  This time I learned that Republicans know how to stand in line and Democrats no nothing about lines because they are crazy.  (I'm not sure if the guy in front of me is an expert in lines, but he sounded very knowledgeable on the topic).  Now the rally was not my favorite.  It was in an area that was way too small.  Took forever to move up in line b/c 3 people were taking our tickets (when you have  a few thousand people that takes awhile to move people through the ticket line)  I didn't get to see Romney or Paul Ryan.  The loudspeaker system was not the best so I really couldn't hear that well either.  So I didn't stay for the entire speech.  I also didn't want to get caught in the massive traffic jam that was sure to follow.
lots of people in a small space

Obama supports were there too

need a button?

lines everywhere...thankfully the Republicans know how to stand in lines.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Olympics -not good for working out

So I am going to blame the Olympics for my laziness.  I have watched a lot of TV lately.  I find that I just turn the Olympics on and watch whatever sport is on.  Horse Jumping (I know it is not called that, but that is what was on my TV), volleyball, gymnastics, synchronized diving (who knew?), track and field (yes please) name it and I have watched it (or at least listened to it as I did other things)  Tomorrow I am not allowed to turn the TV on until I run 10 miles.  It rained tonight and so I am hoping for great temps for a run tomorrow! :) 

Night all..I have a run to get to tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

For Wordless Wednesday I leave you with some running thoughts to inspire you when you just want to take a nap:

Now get out there and run! :)