Sunday, August 25, 2013

I did it!!

Friday night I had some steak because I knew I was going to head out on my longest run yet on Saturday.  Saturday's run was going to be 15 miles.  My longest run to date!  I figured that if I get it out of the way on Saturday I won't be thinking about it the entire weekend. I am so glad I got out of bed and actually did it!  It was a beautiful day for a run, no humidity, cool temps in the morning.  I headed over to Waterway thinking I would start on that street and then cut over to the school and skip over to the neighborhood that Becky and I ran to train for Cherry Blossom.

Before I set out I got my camel bak ready and some shot blocks..I felt like I was packing for an overnight trip! I headed out and parked my car at the grocery store and started my run.  What a beautiful day.  Waterway is a perfect place to run.  Why have I never ran this road before?!  It is perfect.  Both sides of the road have trees and shade.  Perfect!  If one side is sunny the other side has shade.  And the road is pretty flat.  There are a few inclines but nothing too bad.  The neighborhood we were running for Cherry Blossom had mountains!  I even found the lake.

I ran some side roads off of Waterway since I had to get in 15 miles.  I then figured I could just run to the end of Waterway and back which should give me 9-10 miles and then I just have to run 2.5 to 3 miles out and then back and viola! 15 miles.  That is exactly what I did.  Next time I will run either more of the side streets or I will start a bit further away and run Waterway so I don't have to do the out and back again.  I'm never very good when I am that close to my car...I just want to be done and then I turned around and ran away from my car..ugh!  The last four miles were tough.  I just wanted to be done.  My knees were killing me. My feet were telling me to just be done!  I realized that I need to be better about getting in my midweek runs.  I have not been very good about getting those midweek runs in.  I think it is because I come home from work and just want to do nothing..I'm tired!

Well I did it!  I was super proud of myself.  To celebrate I went home and showered and took a nap!  Next weekend is Rock n Roll VA Beach.  I need to add 4 more miles to my run..hoping that I can fit it in.  :)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1.  This
 makes me feel like this
which leads me not to want to do this

It's been a long week.  I never like this time of year.  I always feel so exhausted going back to work.  I know I shouldn't complain because other people have to work all summer long, but I really find it hard to go back.  I have already developed these lovely purple circles under my eyes.  Ah the joys of being a teacher!  

2.  Next weekend is Rock n' Roll VA Beach Half Marathon.  I hope it is not nearly has hot as it was last year.

3.  This weekend I will be running 15 longest run yet.  Yikes!  The good thing is that it should be low humidity.  I'm trying to think of where I want to run.  Not sure where I am going to head to for my long run.  

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Biggest Loser Half Marathon Erie, PA

Last week I headed back home to PA to visit my family.  It was unseasonably cool for August.  I had my half marathon in Erie on Saturday.  I brought my running clothes thinking I hope I run but I usually hate running at home.  Well I did get in a few miles on Wednesday.  That is a few miles more than I normally get in when visiting family.

Mom was coming to with me to cheer me on.  This would be her first race that she has seen me run.  Both her and my step-dad do not understand the running races thing.  My step-dad will often ask if I won or if people at my run club win.  Ummm..there is only one person who comes in first. And in the big races they usually are paid to run. I tried explaining the age group win, but I don't think they truly get it.  I also tried to explain the I am really running against my own time and myself.  They don't get it. I have come to the realization that it is ok that they don't get what I enjoy doing.  I was happy that Mom was coming to cheer me on.

When we got up to Erie on Friday we headed over to Presque Isle to look at the course and see where we would be parking.  I had flashbacks of the Hot Chocolate Race because there was only one way in and out.  Parking looked like it could be a problem I knew we were getting up really early to make sure we didn't get stuck in traffic trying to get into the park.
The course looked really flat.  The weather for race morning looked cool but perfect running weather and the course was under trees for most of the way.  I don't think I could ask for more perfect running conditions.  

After checking out the course we headed over to the convention center for packet pick up.  We were standing in line to sign the waiver.  Yeah I have never had to do more than check the waiver box for races, but The Biggest Loser had us all sign another waiver..I hope I didn't just sign away an arm or a leg!!  While I was standing in line I told Mom to head on into the expo because Pam from the Biggest Loser was there and she could stand in line to have her picture taken with her.  Well when I got done with the waiver I found my giddy Mom.  She was like a kid at Christmas because she got her picture taken with Pam.  She was so excited that when Pam asked her what she was running she told her the half marathon.  Oh Mom!  I picked up the shirt and got my pic with Pam too.  

 Disclaimer:  Mom is not good with using the iphone..she makes most of the pictures very blurry.

After picking up my packet and getting our picture with Pam we headed back to find some food and the Casino.  We ended up grabbing some food at the casino and then played some slots.  I didn't eat my normal steak or hamburger pre-race meal.  Mom is not the most adventurous in finding food and didn't want to drive around to find something to eat since we were both starving. So casino buffet was it.  It was ok..I was starving so it was food.  We played the slots for a few hours.  I ended up walking away with thirty dollars more than I walked in with.  So that was fun!  That never happens to I took that as a good sign the the run tomorrow was going to be great!

We headed back to the hotel and I got a shower and prepared for my early morning wake up call of 4:30.

I slept in my running clothes so it didn't take long to get ready in the morning and then we were off before 5 am.  We found parking with no problem and I am glad we came so early because when we took off running people were walking to the start from parking their car far away around the park.  We had front row parking!

The sun was coming up over Lake Erie

Waiting for the race to start
As I was waiting for the race to start I looked up and saw my high school friend Stacy's little sister and mom in the corral waiting too.  It was great seeing Trisha and Dottie.  I moved up and we chatted a bit.  They held the race start by at least 15 minutes trying to give some of the people who had to park a distance away to get to the start.

When we finally took off I was a bit nervous.  My training run from the week before was rough.  It just down right sucked.  I had the slowest ten mile run that I ever ran.  I had to walk a bunch because of the just sucked.  I was hoping that this race was not going to be a repeat.  We headed off around the loop of the park.  It was really quiet..not a lot of cheering.  Most people were at the start.  We did have these nice parents that were riding their bike along with us and would tell us what mile we were near as they cheered us on and waited for their daughter to run by. The Biggest Loser was great about water stops.  They had water at every mile.  I thought that was great since it was a summer race (normally not as cool as it was last weekend) and they are trying to encourage new runners who might be running or walking their first race.

I was having a pretty good run..up until mile ten.  Ugh..I was actually having a great run till mile ten.  I'm not sure what happened at mile ten.  I suddenly ran out of gas.  Oh if only I was running a ten mile would have been great..but no it is a half and now I have no energy for the last three miles.  Ugh...I ran the first ten and walked most of the last three..what is wrong with that picture??  I am going to blame the previous nights dinner on my lack of gas in the tank.  I really do need protein before a run!

I rounded the corner and saw my mom and waved.  She waved back and then suddenly realized she could take a picture..well she is not the fastest with the no picture from mom. :)  The Biggest Loser took some pictures as I was coming down the stretch but they are not up yet.

I didn't have my best time but I didn't have my worst time. If I would have ran that last three miles I might have been able to PR...oh well I guess I can always hope for a PR next race.  Mom said that she had a good time and would like to come to another race.  So that is good.  I was worried about her sitting there and getting bored.  She was shocked at the fact that the first guy finished in 1 hour and 15 mins or something like that..yeah there are some fast people out there.  I don't think she understand much more about running races or why I love race day, but she did see that it is a fun atmosphere where everyone supports everyone no matter the speed.  Maybe she will come to another race to cheer me on..we will see.

All in all I thought the Biggest Loser Half was pretty nice.  I wish there were more people cheering on the actual course, but who can argue with shade, cool and flat?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Running and visiting

Last week I had a few days of Aunt Pam Camp.  My niece came to visit for a few days and then I was going to take her home on Thursday to Virginia Beach. Needless to say no run club with Kate visiting on Tuesday.  We had lots of fun. We painted pottery, ate ice cream and caught minnows in the pond. Fun times at Aunt Pam Camp. 

I was mentally preparing myself for my long run at the beach.  We headed down to the beach. Our old college roommate Ronya was also staying at Kristi's house. I don't think Kristi and Ronya have seen each other since college.  It was a fun college reunion!   We went to see Matchbox Twenty and the Goo Goo Dolls.  Great concert.  

Ronya was lucky she got a free ticket for the concert. Some nice man had an extra ticket and gave it to her.  Well. After the concert I knew I wasn't going to get up early to run. 

The next day we headed to the beach with the girls. I'm not really a beach person.  I don't like the salt and sand everywhere and the waves sort of scare me a bit.  

It was a great time with friends.  That night I knew I had to sleep in my running gear or I would talk myself out of my long run.  Shawn told me where to park to make my miles and be able to enjoy the boardwalk. 

I wanted to not run.  It would have been so easy to skip it if I wasn't already dressed in my running clothes. Score  one for planning ahead. I headed out the door to my death. The heat while I've run in worse was horrible.  I got in eleven miles  I was also smart and brought some cash for some Gatorade half way through my run.  I'm glad I got my miles in. I'm glad I went to bed in my running clothes too. 

Next up is The Biggest Loser Half Marathon in Erie this Saturday. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Running..when it feels like work

So I think I have been in a bit of a running funk.  I am not sure if I am getting a bit freaked out by the upcoming miles that I need to put in for marathon training or if I just am in a funk and just don't feel like running much.  I basically took off the last week from running.  And I am sure you all know what happens when you don't want to run in the middle of a training just end up obsessing about the run that was missed..the miles that you should have ran...yeah running is feeling like work.

I miss the runs that bring out the birds to sing to you as your run..the deer come out and cheer you on as you look like your feet are barely hitting the ground you feet are that light.  The weather is perfect and there is a perpetual smile on your face as you run.  (sort of sounds like Snow White laced up her running shoes...)  Well I have not had that run in some time.  My runs have been work.  Work to schedule my runs..Work to wake up early to squeeze in my run before the heat hits.  Its just feeling like plain work.  And unfortunately I have been calling off from work for a week.

I ran around the neighborhood tonight.  As I was running I waved to some ladies sitting on their porch enjoying the beautiful evening.  On my next loop, they started to cheer me on.  I may need those ladies there every time I run!  It almost made me want to add some miles to my run to see if I could get them to cheer again.  Hopefully my funk is over.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Three Things Thursday

For my Thursday Randomness...


I love Swedish fish!  I love to eat them as I run and I love to pop them in my mouth when I am bored and not really hungry. :)  I have to keep them in the cabinet that I don't open a lot to keep myself from chowing down on these little sugary goodness.  

2.  I hate my scale!  I'm sure that number one has something to do with it...I've been doing really well with eating at home and eating some yummy fruits..watermelon and cantaloupe are in the fridge right now... I've been upping my walking with Riley and running...yet that stupid scale is stuck!  Grr...Some of my pants are a bit looser so I am focusing on that and not that stupid number..I hate that number!!

3.  I love seeing my old college friends!  I see Kristi a few times a year..but the other girls from college I do not get to see as much.  My old roommate Mary stopped down on her way to the beach and she is going to stay over with her family on her way home from the beach!  I love seeing Mary!!  We had such fun in college!  

I have a half marathon in 17 days in Erie, PA!  I would love to get a new PR...we will see.  :)